REPORT: Why Hasn’t The Ontario NDP Released The Cost Of Their Promise To Never Impose Back-To-Work Legislation?

It could cost the province billions directly, and tens of billions more in economic damage.

As I wrote earlier, if the Ontario NDP gained power, there would be a 99% chance of an Economic Crisis in Ontario.

And that article didn’t even include the issue of their refusal to impose Back-To-Work Legislation.

Notably, the NDP has refused to give costing on that promise, because they know the price tag would be massive.

Imagine a situation in which strikes go on indefinitely, until the government is forced to eventually cave in and give away billions of taxpayers dollars.

Imagine the damage to essential services, the education system, and the broader economy when strikes drag on and on and on.

The economic damage would be immense, not only in the short term, but also in the medium term and long term.

That’s because the refusal to impose back-to-work legislation would send a message to businesses that the province wouldn’t be a good place to grow or invest.

As a result, jobs would be drained out of the province, prosperity would recede, and taxpayers would be absolutely decimated by higher and higher personal taxes. Since businesses would be leaving and the government would be shelling out massive amounts of money on the public sector, they would use a combo of huge budget deficits and big personal tax increases to pay for it.

It would be devastating, and it’s no wonder that the NDP is refusing to release that full costing.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube