BREAKING: Federal Government Announces Retaliation Against US Metal Tariffs

Canada to impose tariffs on US Steel & Aluminum, in addition to other products.

At a press conference, Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland have announced that Canada will retaliate against US tariffs.

The tariffs will be matched dollar-for-dollar, with equal tariffs of 25% on US steel, and 10% on US aluminum.

Additionally, the Trudeau government says a further list of products will be released to the public for a 15-day consultation period, after which additional tariffs may be imposed on US products.

However, in what some are considering a sign of weakness, the tariffs being imposed by Trudeau won’t go into effect until July 1st, while the US tariffs are taking effect at midnight on Friday. It would be far better for our tariffs to be imposed on the US at the same time they impose tariffs on us. 

Some of Trudeau’s comments can be seen below:

Trudeau says that Canada will seek a meeting with the US to discuss the tariff issue.

The Trudeau government is doing the right thing by retaliating (though the retaliation should be immediate), because as I said earlier, no self-respecting nation can take a hit without hitting back.

However, the Trudeau government has put Canada in a weakened position by imposing carbon taxes and increased regulations, while the US moves towards a lower tax environment. Unless that deeper issue is addressed, the US will continue to benefit from Canada’s growing competitive weakness, while Canadians suffer.

Spencer Fernando

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Of course Canada would be considered a “national security threat to the United States”. There is always a price to be paid for being pals with terrorists and welcoming them back into Canada. I’m surprised they aren’t planning construction for a wall on their northern border. Trudeau is our own national security threat and an affront to all that was once good in this country. I hope Trump stomps on Trudeau until the rest of Canada finally figures out what a huge mistake it made in electing someone so spectacularly unfit for leadership of anything.


Frank I agree with you, we need a Canadian Government and the globalist foreign Lieberal/NDP gone.


I totally agree. Canada is most definitely a “National Security Threat” to the U.S. Trudeau has been Welcoming Back ISIS fighters without charging them. Canadians don’t want this garbage back in Canada, but Trudeau is a Terrorist Sympathizer. He has paid terrorists millions, including convicted terrorist Khdar, after this terrorist killed an American soldier and blinded another U.S. soldier. He is friendly with Iran, a rogue nation, and his brother lives and is employed there. He has opened our borders to everyone on the planet and his welcoming them with open arms, no questions asked, housing them like royalty, while… Read more »

david mcgee

100% correct. Trudumd has failed Canadian’s on every front.

Dave bounsall

You hit the nail on the head. We gave a terrorist that killed a u.s. soldier with a grenade 10 mill. Good work trudeau


Trudeau is a misinformed idiot. Fighting with the US, is like farting into the wind.

Craig Stewart

Mexico and Europe will follow suit.

Don Mac leod

It is darn near time we stopped being bullied by this very selfish and incompetent doubt,this move by the u.s.will hurt us nationally,but will cut deeper into the very close friendship we have always enjoyed with the u.s.this rift,created by a man who does not seem to understand the damage he is causing,not just to Canada,but also to his own country,is going to take a long time to heal,things will probably never be the same.with friends like this,we do not need enemies.we are a threat to u.s.national securityi?and any sane, rational person will have a difficult time swallowing that.trump… Read more »


Don, canaduh has been riding the coattails of the US for decades. The issue is not President Trump but rather the idiot in ottawa the idiots in the east elected. This fool should go back to being a part time drama student & leave the politics to grownups. The east should not be so gullible as to think he was some kind of great leader. He had & still doesn’t have any world experience. He is nothing more than a trust fund baby who never had to work a day in his life.

david mcgee

It was just announced this morning that the US added 233,000 new jobs in May. Unemployment is at it’s lowest level in decades. They are on the verge of energy independence and their economy is smoking hot.

Compare Trump’s record to that of Trudeau and we’re getting slaughtered by every economic measurement. The difference is that Trump sees himself responsible for the security and livelihood of American’s only. Trudumb, on the other hand, sees himself as some kind of global citizen which quite often results in the needs and interests of Canadian’s coming in second to his false idealism.

Bill Baerg

A tariff is a specific tax on imported goods, and it is an implicit tax on exported goods. Defenders of tariffs never talk about the fact that the tariffs are discriminatory against the exporters in their own country. They are incapable intellectually of following even a simple economic argument. They do not recognize that when foreign sellers cannot sell their products in nation A, exporters in nation A cannot find as many buyers in nation B as a result of this restricted trade. This is basic economics, it has been basic economics ever since 1752 when the Scottish philosopher David… Read more »


Exactly, well said. As always the citizen/taxpayers pay for government incompetence.


Hamilton Ontario used to employ over 50,000 people in two steel mills, they collapsed, and were bought out by foreign businesses, Lake Erie’s Mill was closed and the mill stripped also. The European owners of what was Dofasco in Hamilton still has approx. 3,000 mostly temp workers for small production. Algoma Steel in Northern Ontario, owned by a group from India, still employs 5-6000 workers last I heard, but the Ontario Government has had to prop them up, to keep them going at times, hopefully the Mill in Alberta is doing good. Of the ten aluminum mills, nine are in… Read more »


Trump will get it right. Our bufoon of a PM and his equally incompetent cabinet should just take a vacation now and return in 11 or 12 months for the election. Put Mainstream media in their HOC seats and the Scheer Conservatives could feed them the news and ask them questions. They would be obliged to report it exactly as documented in Hansard.