Canada Must Retaliate Against US Metal Tariffs

A self-respecting nation must be ready and willing to hit back.

In the wake of the US decision to impose tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum, it is clear that Canada must retaliate.

The first step would be to apply equal tariffs to US steel and US aluminum. Next would be to publicly release a list of additional products Canada is considering putting tariffs on, to send a clear message that there are consequences to messing with our country.

There are a few reasons why this must be done.

First, Canada has a fair amount of leverage with the US when it comes to trade, since Canada is the top trading partner of about 30 US states. Many US governors in both the Republican and Democratic parties support maintaining a strong trading relationship with Canada.

The second reason is that the Trump Administration has shown that they respect strength. Trump pushes other countries and other leaders as far as he can get away with, and he has no respect for weakness. If Canada pushes back, then we will be showing that we can’t be pushed around.

As a sovereign nation, we must show that we are tough, and that we have a strong sense of self-respect. After being hit with tariffs, our nation must hit back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube