Fail: Trudeau Government To Fall Billions Short In Military Equipment Funding

Once again, the Canadian Military gets treated as an afterthought.

When the Trudeau government announced their heavily hyped-up military equipment plan, I repeatedly noted that the plan was totally back-loaded and that nothing could be trusted until the money was actually being spent on real equipment.

Unsurprisingly, those doubts have been proven correct.

The Trudeau government is now $2.3 billion behind on military equipment spending in the past year, which almost certainly will push their military spending promises beyond the next election.

Keep in mind, most of their proposed military spending was already back-loaded until after the 2019 election, so the stuff being delayed now was what they promised could be done quickly.

Notably, a report points out that while analysts say there is potential for Canada’s military industry sector to grow, the government has been more focused on ‘refurbishing’ equipment, rather than investments to build the sector.

Basically, instead of really making a strong investment in new equipment now while simultaneously building our industry to ensure a strong defence sector in the future, the government is just fixing up old stuff – and even under-spending on that.

One expert said, “They’re not moving ahead as quickly as they suggested in the defence policy.”

This just continues a long line of failures by successive Canadian governments when it comes to the military. Even the previous Harper government often talked a big game on building the military, but their spending often fell short as well. It seems that it is deeply ingrained in the Canadian government to under-fund our men and women in uniform, and to just naively hope for the best when it comes to the defence of our nation.

Unfortunately, that could leave us incredibly vulnerable if a global crisis took place, which is why Canada needs true leaders willing to make the case for why a big investment in our military is essential to our long-term security and prosperity. The world is too dangerous to just hope everything turns out alright, and a true nation must have the means to defend our people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Like father like son


I don’t think for one sec that the Trudeau gives a dam about our troops whether in canada or in MALI. Giving them proper equipments to defend themselves is too costly thereby, will leave our troops expose to danger and deaths. But does Trudeau gov care? I actually don’t think so.


How about Trdeau Liberals uphold law in BC so Kinder Morgan can build TMP and the government can then use $4.5 mm tax savings to maintain equipment that supports our military men and women….oops, that train has left the station. It is no wonder our military has 6000 vacancies. Who would want to play pro hockey without a cup or pro football without a helmet. Oh, Justin Trudeau tried that already. That explains why he has no balls or brains.


However, Truedough & his cabal of buffoons, above all the abominable defense monster harjit sajjan, had enough money to build a road along the border in Jordan for their security. Not to mention billions of dollars given in foreign aid to countries & cultures who wants to destroy our civilization & country.