Trudeau Is Not To Blame For Trump’s Tariffs, But His Policies Have Devastated Our Ability To Compete Economically With The US

If you can’t control what another country does, you can at least control how you prepare your own nation to compete and prosper. On that front, Justin Trudeau has failed miserably.

While some are trying to pin the blame on Justin Trudeau for not stopping Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs, the truth is that nobody really has any influence on Trump, not even his own advisers. It is both a strength and a weakness of Trump’s that he is unpredictable.

So, Justin Trudeau is not to blame for Trump’s tariffs.

That said, Trudeau is certainly to blame for the fact that Canada is now facing off against the US from such a weakened competitive position.

While the US took steps to make it easier for businesses to grow, create jobs, and succeed, Justin Trudeau has been busy imposing a carbon tax, expanding bureaucratic regulations, cancelling energy projects, nationalizing a pipeline (while giving billions of our tax dollars to a US company), and talking about ‘gender budgets.’

Predictably, the consequence has been businesses and investment fleeing our country by the billions of dollars.

Ironically, despite his newfound tough stance vs the US, Justin Trudeau has been the best friend the US could have economically, since his policies have sent billions of dollars of investment south, along with thousands of jobs.

And it just keeps getting worse.

The competitive gap between the US gets worse every time the carbon tax goes up – and it’s going up every year. It also gets worse every time the government adds regulations, cancels an energy project, or makes it tougher to get projects approved.

And yet, despite being warned about that, and despite the endless list of credible businesspeople saying Canada is facing an investment collapse and a competitiveness crisis, Trudeau keeps doubling down on his failing approach.

This has resulted in the devastation of our ability to compete economically with the US.

Because of that, Canada is in a weaker negotiating position with the US. While our close relationship with many US states provides us with some significant leverage, that leverage is weakened by the fact that our wealth is starting to flow out of our country and into the US. When given the choice between the high-tax, heavy-regulation environment being imposed by Trudeau, and the low-tax, more hands-off approach in the US, businesses are understandably picking the place where they can grow more easily.

That is something Trudeau could directly control, by scrapping the carbon tax, reducing regulations, and sending a message that Canada is truly open for businesses.

Instead, he is refusing to give our country the ability to compete, and that is something he certainly can – and should – be blamed for.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Come on now Spencer, you know damned well that Jr and his handling of ISIS terrorist and free (actually well paid for) immigration has Trump saying that sock man will go one way or another. These trade deals are a patriotic sideshow.

Ed R Peebles


Ed P.

alan skelhorne

really ed, you have to be kidding. don,t you know what is really happening in canada, i am not talking about president trump toying with mr. prissypants in ottawa. i am talking about george soros, who has told trudeau, kill the economy in canada, make the people reliant on the government, open the borders for 10 million refugees, then the globalist has won the war on canada. if you think i am kidding, then you better get savvy to what is really happening.


he wants us to belong to New World Order to Please George Soros and the globalists, he is out to break Canada


Mr ‘La Trudette’ hoisted himself on his own tiny petard when he showed continuous hostility towards Trump. Seems he’s now in the process of meeting his well deserved existensialist ‘karma’. Naturally, he’s playing the Canadian vs US card but that is a weak hand and will only get worse. The doomsday warnings can be dialed back. The Americans (and other world wide resources stockholders) already own everything of any consequence in Canada. Any trade dickering is just the usual rivilary stired up by various competing interests and of no more real concern than the mystery of whether ‘La Trudette’ stands… Read more »


President Trump has seen and heard all the foolishness and games being played in Canada. He is the President of a world power, and while not perfect (no one is) he is protecting his country from our treasonous, globalist, greedy, spendthrift, virtue signalling Lieberal/NDP communist ? government, supporting terrorists the Americans don’t want back in their protected country. Sensible people would not want to deal with this non-countries ? government not protecting our people or borders and collapsing a once good country. Why would the US care to deal with what has become our anarchist failing government, we should be… Read more »


In one week the Turdo Liberal incompetence and policy has led to another $4.5 billion tax on Canadians to buy a pipeline and the failure of NAFTA negotiations. Trump referred to Canada as a threat to America’s security. Trudeau is a globalist and therefore Trump is correct.
Trudeau’s government is a security risk to CANADIANS as well as Americans. Make no mistake. This breakdown in US-Canada relations is on Trudeau and his ideology which is not aligned with freedom or democracy….Trudeau is to Trump what Democrats are to Trump.


Your analysis is totally correct but I do blame Trudeau for all of it. We can’t compete against a President who is promising to bring the U.S back from a leftist agenda of years of Obama destruction. Trump is also a businessman and Trudeau is a child in comparison. Can’t wait to have Trudeau GONE.

Paul Ebinger

Spencer… While you point out Canada’s weakened economic competitiveness as a result of the Trudeau governments stifling tax programs, you fail to discuss the underhanded way Canada (and Mexico) have taken advantage of the NAFTA loopholes at the expense of U.S. businesses…. the real reason new tariffs on steel and aluminium products have been instituted.

Timothy Hickey

I have a question for you and your readers ~ Could the Trump Tariffs present an OPPORTUNITY for Canadian Industry? Playing the tit for tat game on tariffs with the US may do more harm than good! Why not take the high road, and NOT reciprocate with outgoing tariffs that will punish American business that use Canadian made goods, and keep business going at competitive goods pricing! This will serve trade for both sides! As for the Aluminum and Steel tariffs imposed on Canadian Industry, this might be an opportunity for Canadian Industry to produce our own manufactured goods at… Read more »


Oh poor Justin more worried about his socks, his selfie groupies , wedding crashing than dealing with the realities in the so called free trade world. I had always wondered why were Justin and Brian so close? I throught, both in part think more of the elites and have buddies in off shore business? Brian was so much a driver of world free trade, not fair at times but free for some and the resultant loss of some factories as a result across the great land, my loving Canada. The number of so called Canadians who do not think they… Read more »

david mcgee

Trudumb’s high tax policy alone makes Canada uncompetitive. In addition, our best and brightest are heading south of the border for an opportunity, better weather and of course a much lower tax rate. In Ontario, you now pay 53.45% income tax at the $198,000 income level. The moment “the man” takes more than you get for your effort people look to minimize their income tax including relocating. Then, we have the exorbitantly high tax on goods like gasoline, electricity, and alcohol that puts the cost to purchase those goods at more than double that of the USA.


Could it be that JT is a Shadow man who wants to be somebody? So his ideas and thoughts rule the day, and he will flof a dead horse to show he knows. But he doesn’t know. He knows this, I suspect, covers it up. There is no humility there, willingness to learn from others. I wonder how much better in this respect Harper was?
I think Trump does listen, while JT does not.


Justin trudeau goes to a graduation in USA, where, he insults their president, who has created jobs for those same students. Do you really think those grads with prosperity in their country, will follow a nitwit who is destroying canadian’s jobs?
Justin also insults the President’s debt to sustainability. Imagine that an outsider enters USA purely to destroy their president.
Remember India fiasco. He has yet to apologize causing a rift between India and canada that led to India’s raising double tariffs on our chickpeas and other products. Still, Trudeau refuses to apologize.

Ray Decorby

“Trudeau not to blame for Trump’s…”
Be sure the Progressive demands in the negotiations, and constant insults coming from Trudeau in the last couple years (most recently at NYU) didn’t help matters here.


No way, Trudeau and liberal family have had months to work on something and I’m sure Trump would have placed a freeze if Justin would have been nicer to him, but Trudeau is an ignorant, naive silver spoon fed liberal a$$.