VIDEO: Scheer Slams Trudeau’s Pipeline Failures

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly failed to support Canada’s energy industry, and has left Canadian taxpayers to foot the bill for the Trans Mountain pipeline.

As Justin Trudeau tries spinning the total debacle that resulted in Trans Mountain being nationalized, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has been bringing attention to the long line of Trudeau’s failures when it comes to supporting (or not supporting) Canada’s energy industry.

On Twitter, Scheer pointed out all the projects that have been cancelled under Justin Trudeau’s watch:

“Energy East: Cancelled ❌
Northern Gateway: Cancelled ❌
Petronas LNG: Cancelled ❌
Trans Mountain: $4.5 billion paid by taxpayers for 65-year-old pipeline, and billions more coming if they manage to build the expansion.
Are you tired of paying for Justin Trudeau’s failures yet?”

Watch the video below to see Scheer taking on Trudeau in QP:

Justin Trudeau has repeatedly failed Canada’s energy industry, and there’s no reason to think that is going to change. In fact, Trudeau’s pandering to the radical left, his carbon tax, and his increased regulations are having a devastating impact on investment in Canada and directly damaging the energy industry.

If the government really supported Canadian energy, we wouldn’t be in the situation where taxpayers are being forced to spend $4.5 billion to buy a pipeline in the first place.

Spencer Fernando

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