BREAKING: EKOS Poll Shows Ontario NDP Losing Support, PCs Take The Lead

As the election gets closer, the NDP is shedding support and losing momentum.

The socialist surge is reversing.

That’s according to the numbers in a new EKOS poll, which shows the Ontario NDP on a downward trend.

Here are the key numbers:

PCs 38.6%, NDP 34.9%, Liberals 19.3%

The previous EKOS poll just a few days ago had showed the NDP at 38.4%, the PCs at 37.9%, and the Liberals at 19.1%.

Also, the NDP vote is apparently less efficient, according to EKOS:

“Making matters worse for the NDP, the regional distribution of the party’s vote does not appear to be very seat-efficient. In particular, the PCs have a huge advantage in rural and suburban areas, which will yield a major seat efficiency advantage come Election Day. More troubling for the NDP, however, is their overrepresentation with the more economically vulnerable groups and younger voters, both of which have historically lower voting rates.”

So, what we are seeing is that the Liberals are down to their solid core base of support, the PCs support has stabilized and is growing slightly, and voters are turning against the NDP as the election nears.

As more and more people consider the damaging impact of the NDP gaining power, it seems there’s buyers remorse setting in even before the purchase is made.

The NDP has faced repeated controversies over their radical candidates, and Andrea Horwath has refused to remove any candidates – no matter what terrible things they may have said. Her hypocritical double standard and willingness to defend horrible statements has disturbed many people, and it’s a big part of why the NDP is losing support.

Additionally, the huge mistake the NDP made in their ‘costing,’ and their radical ‘sanctuary province’ scheme is waking people up to the true radicalism of the socialists.

With the NDP disqualifying themselves in the eyes of millions, and the Wynne Liberals remaining unpopular, that leaves the Ontario PCs as the only party that can bring positive change. Still, a socialist win or Liberal recovery can’t be totally ruled out, so people need to get out and vote to stop that from happening.

Read more about the latest EKOS Poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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Elizabeth Thorne

How could 34.9% of people in Ontario support such a racists group of socialists? SCARY


Elizabeth – SCARY is an understatement. The power of the biased media no doubt has a lot to do with it, plus a lot of folks that slither through life looking for handouts and freebies at our expense. Enough is enough, and we need to take Ontario back!!

bernie moore

Believe you nailed the NDP voters

Shawn Harris

At last common sense is starting to take hold over Ontarians. Neither the Liberals or NDP are a viable option to lead this province, since both are one in the same; in that they see the taxpayer as their personal bank account, to be used and abused as they see fit. Their plans are for and even worse damage than what we have already experienced under the Liberals. With Doug Ford and the PCs, at least we have a plan that won’t destroy our future and our province. It isn’t a complete plan, but how could it ever be a… Read more »


I feel if the mainstream media presented ALL parties on a level playing field, without prejudice – voters would have a better understanding of the facts. It’s unfortunate the media has their own agenda but I’m hopeful that more people are waking up to this sad fact.
Doug Ford and the P.C. party will make Ontario great again!
If you don’t cast your vote, then you can’t complain about the outcome and four more years of Liberals or worse yet, NDP government will be devastating to most Ontarians.


Oh THANK GOD they are slipping! ARE ANY OF THEM PAYING ATTENTION TO THE DISASTERS IN ALBERTA AND BC WITH THE NDP?! We have to participate hard this next few days in flooding social media with reasons NOT TO BOTE NDP! QUESTION – DO CANADIANS LEARN FROM ANYTHING?! I KNOW nothing has happened in decades that anyone can remember being a threat to this country, but COME ON,we have the internet now, theres little they can hide from us as they do on our media. So why is it more ppl – AND OUR POLITICAL PARTIES, are not more awake… Read more »

Sewer Rat

Well said AB girl.

bernie moore

Canada needs more people like you in government , jump in please

NDP'er turned Conservative

Re: Demographics, vote intention by eduction and social class. Interesting to see that NDP support is strong among poor people and the university educated. Does that mean people with university degrees are poor? Or that a university education doesn’t necesarily equate to intelligence? I enjoy your updates and the insight they provide.

k p

Thank the good Lord above the people of Ontario are waking up! Between the horrible deficits that Wynne is forcing us to pay back, the Hydro fiasco, the sex ed abomination, taking our gender off health cards, and now they want to make us a sanctuary province, we can’t take any more! We had a bomb blast in my home town of Mississauga, people getting mowed down by cars, and knifed in the streets of Toronto which used to be one of if not the most safest city in North America but now they are letting all the riff raff… Read more »