If Trudeau Really Wants To Fight The US, He Should Repeal The Carbon Tax & Cut Regulations To Stop Billions In Investment From Heading South

Not long ago, Canada was seen as a better place to do business than the US. But the combo of Trump tax cuts and Trudeau’s tax/regulatory increases has completely eliminated our advantage.

Before the Trump tax cuts, Canada had a lower combined business tax rate than the United States.

Even after the Trump tax cuts – which the government should have been preparing for ever since Trump won the election – the business tax rate comparison between Canada and the US is pretty close.

However, the Trudeau government has imposed policies that make our economy much less competitive than the US, resulting in tens of billions of dollars flowing south. While it gets less expensive to business in the US, Trudeau is imposing job-killing regulations and an ever-escalating carbon tax on consumers and businesses here at home.

This makes our economy weaker, and puts us in a more vulnerable position as we attempt to fight back against the newly imposed US tariffs on metals.

The problem is that even as the government pushes back against the tariffs, their policies are pushing jobs and investment out of Canada and into the US.

So, if Justin Trudeau really wants to fight back against the US, he would scrap the widely-hated carbon tax, and cut the regulations that make it tougher to get projects approved and do business in our country.

If he did that, he would stem the flow of money heading north to south, and might even draw some jobs and investment back to Canada from the US.

It would show that Canada is prepared to fight as hard as necessary to defend and strengthen our economy.

Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau shows no sign of doing that. Instead, he’s been doubling down on his failing economic policies, even as growth in the US surpasses the growth of Canadian GDP and their job market surges.

Additionally, even the tariffs being imposed by Trudeau aren’t taking effect immediately (which would send a stronger message). Once again, it seems Trudeau may be more interested in virtue-signalling than in real comprehensive action to stop our wealth from flowing south.

Spencer Fernando

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Ed R Peebles


Ed P.


Justin trudeau has insulted the President on numerous occasions in USA and he expects the president to bow and kiss Justin’s feet? I won’t.

Frankly speaking Spencer, Justin Trudeau has no love, respect nor has any concern for our country whether it is for our economy or for our safety.


We had a very respectable truthful government who would have cared and protected Canada, all the while being lied about and demonized by the Not for Canada NDP/Lieberals, they are still blaming them for their own created mess and corruption, but whether these foreign non Canadians elected in was rigged, we have these Canada hating parties in power and the only reason they will do anything for this once good country, is if they need more money in the pig trough, they are just here for their foreign agenda and to feed off of us. They lie and say they… Read more »


Yes, we did have a good government but just like Trump , he was demonized, insulted mocked lied about from the very first day he was in opposition then as PM. It was so bad, that most Canadians fell for the media’s lies without doing their own investigation, which led them to believe and vote for terrorist supporter trudeau. Now that Trudeau is doing more harm to Canada by him supporting terrorists and ISIS, it leads one to think twice doing business with such a person like Trudeau. You have no idea how deep we are in, tariffs or no… Read more »

Ron Voss

“So, if Justin Trudeau really wants to fight back against the US, he would scrap the widely-hated carbon tax”. He would have to check with Gerald Butts first. Fat chance.


As Dr. Jordan Peterson said when explaining Trudeau, “He’s Peter Pan.”
That makes Gerry Butts, Tinkerbell, right? Give them both the hook, Captain !


Tax and spend is all the Liberals know how to do. And they are very good at it. No wonder the economy is so weak. Very high gas prices affect the cost of food and other things as well. And now we are in a trade war with the US.

Trudeau isn’t to blame for that, but his response, as usual, is very weak.