It’s Time For Conservatives To Stop Apologizing

The left demands that Conservatives apologize and throw people under the bus, but the left doesn’t do that to their own people – as can be seen from Andrea Horwath’s refusal to get rid of radical candidates. So why should conservatives apologize for anything?

People are seeing that there is a massive double standard today.

When Conservatives say something controversial, they get thrown under the bus and crushed – even (and especially) when they apologize.

Meanwhile, the left often stands up for radical extremists, refusing to apologize and refusing to throw people under the bus – and they get away with it.

The outrage that conservatives face from the establishment media is often way way worse than what is faced by the leftist radicals.

So, the left is able to get away with it even without an apology, and conservatives don’t get away with it – even with an apology.

That’s why conservatives should just stop apologizing.

It’s outrageous that conservatives should have to play by a different set of rules when those rules don’t apply to the left.

After all, if Andrea Horwath is able to keep her radical candidates on board, why should conservatives be running around apologizing for their own controversies?

Instead of apologizing, conservatives should just use the same defence made by leftists – “I was hacked,” “I’ve changed,” “I never said that,” etc…

Of course, in many cases that defence is actually true, but even when it’s not true the left seems to use it anyway.

So, it’s time to stop apologizing, refuse to back down, and refuse to let the left play by a different set of rules.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I hope that Ontarions are not fooled and are smart enough to NOT vote NDP. Andrea Horwath has candidates that nobody in their right mind would vote for, and has refused to get rid of them. GOD Forbid we should end up with this party running our once most prosperous of all provinces. Ontarions have to remember when they were voted in with Bob Rae who ran this province into the ground and almost bankrupped us. Albertans have been warning us what it has been like to live in a province run by Incapable, Irresponsible NDP’s and don’t want Ontarions… Read more »


This is a tactic typically used by The Left; “the best defense, is a good offense”! They love to sit in judgment of others, especially if your opinion differs from theirs. They are close-minded, think they’re ALWAYS right and will use any means to discredit you. I’ve had face to face arguments with a few people like that, over the years and I discovered the best way to deal with them is, to make sure you’re facts are straight and when they start getting shrill, laugh right in their faces and tell them to enjoy their “kool-aid”!


I agree Spencer. When Harper was PM, the new media was out in full force to condemn ALL things about the conservatives, and it has not changed. Why? Double standards and the majority of people get sucked by this.. Time to hold them to account.


I agree Spencer. When Harper was PM, the news media accused him of all sorts of things that were or were not true. And they haven’t changed!!! Double standards, that’s for sure.
And the majority of people get sucked in, because that’s the only news they hear.