REPORT: Trudeau Government Spending $50 Million More Taxpayer Dollars As Cost Of Illegal Border Crossings Keeps Rising

The money is going to provincial governments in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec, as they deal with the rising cost of the federal government’s refusal to deal with the border crisis.

The cost of the illegal border crossing crisis continues to rise.

As provinces face an escalating burden and escalating costs from the crossings, the federal government is spending $50 million more on payments to Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec.

According to the CP, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said “The continued influx of asylum seekers entering Canada between ports of entry has increased pressure on provinces to provide shelter and social services to a growing number of asylum seekers. We appreciate the pressures Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba are facing and will continue discussions with provinces towards longer-term solutions including further financial support.”

The majority of the money will go to Quebec. They will get $36 million, while Ontario and Manitoba will get $11 million and $3 million respectively.

Disturbingly however, this is just the beginning of a massive expenditure of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

Quebec has asked for about $146 million, while Toronto alone says they will need to cover $70.8 million in costs.

Canadian taxpayers getting fleeced because of government weakness

All of this is being paid for by Canadian taxpayers. We are footing the bill for the failure of the Trudeau government to secure our border and ensure our laws are respected.

Meanwhile, many of our own people are going without help, and people trying to enter Canada the right way are being punished.

This is what happens when a government allows a misguided sense of duty to people outside our country – and a lack of respect for those within it – to override the fact that the Canadian government exists only to serve the Canadian people.

The Trudeau government has shown they are too weak to get tough and deter illegal crossings, and that means today’s announcement of $50 million is just the start of a massive expenditure of our taxpayer dollars on this crisis.

Spencer Fernando

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You are correct that this is just the beginning. Trudeau welcomes open borders, as does the rest of the Liberal party. They probably see these people as future liberal voters.

I’m not hearing much about illegals entering into BC, but that could easily change.

Elizabeth Thorne

Trudeau is doing to Canada exactly what George Soros wants him to do–weaken the country with mass immigration.


Think of all the terrorists, criminal element, and assassins, on the federal payroll? A private army??, for the foreign agenda this destructive non-Canadian ruling party, invited to our country making unfair laws, to protect them and hurt Canadians, we are being taken over, right under our own feet. This treason goes unpunished, not stopped because the socialist paid media continues a dog and pony show about how they are doing all these tough things, that they are pretending to do, that Mr. Harper and Mr. Trump destroyed on them, and putting us further and further in debt.

Elizabeth Thorne

Trudeau has the bloody nerve to tell vets the government has no more money for them. 184 Liberals MUST lose their jobs in 2019.

Tommy Hawk

There can be no logical disagreement with your comments, Elizabeth — and my thanks for commenting as you did.

don morris

According to earlier estimates by our beloved Canadian government, it costs about $25,000 per person per year to look after a refugee in Canada. Seeing as 25,000 have entered in the last year, and hundreds are crossing illegally (Minister Ahmed Hussein’s term) expected to peak at about 400 per day, we can expect another 25,000 by year’s end. So,that’s 50,000 refugees at $25,000 per: $1,250,000,000 per year,which is probably a lot closer to the true cost. Maybe they can get a group discount, so it will only cost one billion bucks per year. But, of course, any unintended costs, such… Read more »


Don Morris, in our city as in many others these refugees are put up in hotels, the manager of a hotel here says they charge $10,000.00 a month for each room occupied, they stay there until housing can be found for them, they have free taxi’s (paid for by us) to go where they want. This is an amnesty city, like Toronto, can you imagine what it costs to stay in a Toronto hotel each room, paid with our taxes, never mind what teachers and schools cost. I think the cost of this government caused crisis is much higher than… Read more »

Terry Gain

The epic disaster arrived in October 2015.

Glen Bailey

Please don’t insul
t high school kids by comparing them to the Canadian Government.

Brian Dougan

Trudope and his party of fools appear weak…But–This lightweight knows exactly what he is doing. Rather reminds me of former “prime minister” Jean Crouton (Chretien.) Older voters may recall his party’s election slogan: (Referring to his “Red Book”.) “I got de people; I got de plan.” Voters fell for it. Canadians never learn. His only plan was for higher taxes, and a sixty-two cent Loonie.

Moe S.

Before Trudeau’s welcome to the free-for-all Canadian dream hashtag tweet in 2017, the number of backlogged asylum refugee claims was 18,000. As of today, May 2018 the number of backlogged claims is 48,967. There’s an old saying: “just because you break into someone’s house doesn’t make you part of the family.” Illegal border crossers breaking and entering into our homeland are receiving better gov’t services & healthcare than Canadians who’ve paid into the system for years. 4.8 million Canadians live below the poverty line. This is about Trudeau staging to look good on the global stage for the United Nations… Read more »


He has to go and thensooner the better.!

Boris Jancula

The matter of more immigrants seeking shelter is a function of a policy beyond the governments control

Wendy Lush

Seriously, who the f#ck does this man Trudeau think he is inviting half the world to walk into our country??? What arrogance. Does JT think we have endless wealth and resources, as he did growing up? His unbelievably reckless tweet will end up costing us billions. The scary thing is that the flow of illegals may never end – not 10 years from now, not ever. In fact it could get worse.

Justin Trudeau needs to be put on trial for Treason. Or stupidity.


Two words: Tax revolt

Toronto People

The irresponsible PM, stupid Immigration minister and the officials unnecessarily open the door for immigrants and refugees while there are so many needy people in Canada. There is no help for those many Canadian poor families, jobless youths and homeless people who have been suffering in silence for a long time in Canada. In fact, Many Canadians have no decent jobs and have no sufficient income to live peacefully in their own country Canada. The life standard of Canadians is getting worst day by day. No one to take care Canadian people and No one to talk about our problems.… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Two comments, in my view, must be kept front and center on the ‘information’ train, so to speak, before the next election — and they are: “The budget will balance itself,” and “If you kill your enemy, he wins.”

Both comments indicate a seriously ‘off center’ thought process — in short, insanity.