The Elites Are Dangerously Trying To Make Legal Immigration & Illegal Immigration Seem Like The Same Thing

It’s a dangerous move.

Canada is a very welcoming nation.

People from around the world come here to seek a better life for themselves and their families.

My own father was an immigrant to Canada from Trinidad, and I am grateful that this country was willing to welcome him.

With that in mind, it is very disturbing to see the elites make a deliberate effort to confuse the issue of legal immigration and illegal immigration.

As we have seen in recent months, the Trudeau government is refusing to even use the term ‘illegal immigration,’ and are instead saying ‘irregular.’

Trudeau – and much of the radical left – have demonized anyone concerned about illegal immigration as being against immigration in general. They call wanting to have our borders respected ‘fear-mongering.’

They are trying to blur the line between the respect shown to our country by those immigrating legally, and the disrespect shown to Canada by those immigrating illegally.

There is a big difference, and ignoring that difference risks undermining support for Canada’s legal immigration system.

As a result, Trudeau, the elites, and the radical-left are making a very dangerous move. There are millions of people in this country – including myself – who support legal immigration while opposing illegal immigration. We know that no truly sovereign nation can lose control over their borders and just let anybody walk in. And no nation that truly respects legal immigration can reward those who cut in line and cross illegally, while punishing those who follow the law.

That’s why the true silent majority of Canadians needs to be heard when it comes to illegal border crossings. It is not anti-immigration to oppose dangerous schemes like ‘sanctuary provinces.’ In fact, it’s pro-legal immigration to demand that the immigration system be fair and reward those who follow the rules, while keeping out those who try to enter Canada against our will.

Only by defeating elites like Justin Trudeau and regaining control over our immigration system can we ensure that legal immigration is once again the standard in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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Phil Alexander

Trudeau turns his back on his religion, does not like his citizens, does not respect our border, and is hell bent on driving up the cost of living with his Liberal carbon taxes that no sensible nations are considering. Meanwhile he blames Harper for his fumbles, mistakes, lies and patronage.

Moe S.

Spencer, your absolutely right. These illegal border crossers are home free economic refugees who do NOT qualify to be in Canada on humanitarian grounds. Yet Trudeau and his elitists left gov’t like to insinuate Canadian taxpaying citizens have NO moral right to stop them. Trudeau is determined to force his ‘irregular’ immigrants upon the majority of Canadians who are opposed to illegal immigration, by reminding Canadians “we are a nation of immigrants.” Pompous ass Trudeau conveniently IGNORES the fact the debate and issue is over ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

Ed R Peebles



Collapsing Canada is their agenda, this has worked well in many other countries, the illegal immigrants will hurry up their process. Legal immigrants need someone to help them come in to our country for support. or they have enough to support themselves they want to integrate and be welcomed by Canadians and be a good citizen, we need these people. Because of this huge and getting worse debt and all these illegals with no help or income, refugee camps, schooling needed, medical for the many un-screened or poorly screened rush, needing homes of some sort etc etc.this must be stopped,… Read more »


This is exactly the same as what leftists are doing in the US.

There will likely be a big backslash against the Liberals in the next election. Can’t wait to vote them out.


Crime Minister Trudeau is the enemy of Canada. His open borders policies is going to destroy Canada. Diversity is our weakness not are strength.


The Liberals should be. Charged with treason. Kick them out of government then a new gov. could do what Italy is doing. Telling the “illegals” it’s time to pack their bags…