The Persecution Of Tommy Robinson Is A Disturbing Disgrace

The UK sure doesn’t seem like a free country.

Tommy Robinson is certainly a controversial figure.

But in a free society, people are allowed to be controversial.

So, the fact that Tommy Robinson was rapidly whisked off to jail and a draconian publication ban imposed on the story is not only disturbing, but is a total disgrace.

Robinson’s ‘crime’ was standing outside of a court and filming on his phone.

Yes, apparently that’s enough to get someone jailed in the UK in 2018.

Of course, it’s obvious to everybody that if Tommy Robinson hadn’t been bringing attention to issues the corrupt establishment tried to hide – like the horrific ‘grooming gangs’ that terrorized communities in the UK – he never would have been arrested.

In the eyes of those in power, Tommy’s real ‘crime’ was shedding light on how the elites let political correctness override their duty to keep their own citizens safe.

That’s why Robinson’s treatment is a warning to all supposedly ‘free’ societies. Under the pretext of cracking down on ‘controversy’ and ‘hate,’ the elites want to destroy freedom of speech and use the power of government to punish and jail those who question the system and who are willing to speak their minds.

People like Justin Trudeau in Canada, and the far-left in the United States want that to happen in North America, and everyone who loves individual freedom and free speech must speak out and fight back before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Shawn Harris

Britain’s Parliamentary democracy , that was derived from the Magna Carta ; has as its foundation the Judeo Christian Bible for its laws and constitution. Jesus Christ even spoke about how you should treat yourself and your neighbor, that you should love your neighbor as you would love yourself. And he even went further and said, that you should do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is now very apparent just how far the British Parliamentary system of laws and justice has fallen from these immutable and Godly Laws. That the British Justice System now… Read more »


Please define “before it is too late.”
I’m thinking it’s a little too late already. IMO. Too many spineless trough feeders and invaders to return to being “Great” Britain.


Maybe we should hide you Spencer, things are getting to this point, But they are having problems with foreign groups and Soros in England, I read that Soros and the worlds socialists parties, have several training camps for antifa, one of the groups that now I find more info on, socialist are so against freedom or human rights. President Trump has asked for antifa to be declared a terrorist group, as they have said they will kill him. Should be front page news? no not a peep on mainstream news. Tommy Robinson just was trying to find and report the… Read more »


Add on, I remember reading about a NL reporter who was reporting on the mistreatment of our native people and he was charged along with their local newspaper who printed the articles, the reporter went to jail in the end, the local news paid a fine and was ordered not to print “lies” like this again.


Thank you for covering this extremely important and disturbing issue that mainstream media will not !! Free Tommy Robinson !

Tommy Hawk

There can be, at this time in our lives, no logical argument against your comments, sir, and that is why, although studiously silent while they wait for an ‘ideal situation’ to manifest and immediately M-103 will move a motion category to instant legislation and rammed through Parliament, and we then live in Canada’s version of the U.K. That has always been the intent behind keeping it in the background as ‘Motion,’ ready for the implementation when circumstances can be ‘deemed’ appropriate.


Unfortunately, this is not as straight forward as you and others think. Tommy Robinson or rather Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, AKA Andrew McMaster and Paul Harris has been and is a thug. He has advocated violence against groups he decides should be attacked; he formed the English Defence League, a nasty group of people no one on your thread would want to know. The EDL has marched and incited riots and street disturbances for years with TR front and centre, not for human rights but as bigots and racists. I am for integration of immigrants, I am one and weak politicians… Read more »


Thank you for another great article Spencer! I actually would like to say that Tommy Robinson is not controversial at all. He represents millions of citizens around the world such as UK, Canada and the United States. Our democracies do not allow this kind of treatment of individuals. The UK system has failed its own laws by making a decent citizen and a professional journalist like Tommy Robinson a political prisoner. The UK government is not applying the laws as they are meant and officially proclaimed to be. The UK is working against the majority of english voters and citizens.… Read more »