WATCH: Harper Tried Warning Canadians About Trudeau’s Open Borders

At the time, Trudeau attacked Harper as a fear-mongerer. But it turns out Harper was right.

During the 2015 Leaders Debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried warning Canadians about Justin Trudeau’s open borders policies.

While discussing the Syria crisis, Harper warned Canadians that both Trudeau and NDP leader at the time Tom Mulcair would have thrown open the borders and let everybody in.

Trudeau attacked Harper as a ‘fear-mongerer’, and tried denying that he would open up the borders.

Watch what happened below, as shared by Steeper33 on Twitter:

It’s all turned out as predicted by Harper.

Once in power, Trudeau literally tweeted about how he was opening up the borders, welcoming ‘everyone’ to Canada on our taxpayers dime.

It’s resulted in a huge illegal border crossing crisis, hundreds of millions in costs (soon to be billions) and a huge burden on our social services – not to mention a possible national security risk.

So, Harper was right, and Trudeau was wrong. The warning wasn’t fear-mongering, it was the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Norbert Kausen

He did… I was aware of it and I often commented on exactly that, whenI talked to people, who didn’t seem to listen or comprehend! It was like watching a train wreck unfold before my eyes and there was nothing I could do about it! Too many simple-minded Canadians asleep at the wheel, so to speak!


listen to this arrogant Trudeau discourteously butting in and spewing exactly what got him elected YET …lying and faking his way into power …that creature is totally unfit and needs to GET OUT as Wynne will in Ontario


The Conservatives are always being accused of “Fear Mongering” on many issues, even today, by Trudeau and his idiotic followers. But the Conservatives are Intelligent, and Responsible, unlike this Joke of a PM who is pretending to know what he is doing. The Conservatives know very well what they are talking about and their warnings are NOT intended to be fear mongering, but are letting Trudeau and his (MPs) and also Canadians know what the consequences of Liberal actions will be. Liberal actions are just plain Stupid and Irresponsible. Conservatives are always right. Everything that they are and have been… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau has done exactly just what his Liberal predecessors have done, promise one thing and do just the opposite. Then, as all past Liberal leaders have done, deny that they said they would have done or taken those actions, according to their accusers. Trudeau is so consumed by his voracious need for power that the needs and protections of Canadians are tossed aside to fill his twisted desire for power. Trudeau has failed Canada and Canadians by placing himself above us and being guided by socialist ideology; all for his own self aggrandizement. He treats us all with contempt by… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

Justine had that open border thought when he was saying —That is not true Mr. Harper –and all the left loons bought into that lie. It is called the George Soros plan, and look at the country now, perhaps Soros will pay for all the illegals.


Wish we still had Mr. Harper, he was a truly brilliant real Canadian, lied about and demonized by the Lieberal/NDP foreign socialists.

Tommy Hawk

It is interesting (I guess) to watch and listen to Trudeau while trying to hear Harper and his ignorance of continually interrupting hoping that his interruptions will guarantee that the audience cannot clearly understand Harper’s comments — which, incidentally, were correct and timely — and have now been clearly demonstrated to be so.


Why doesn’t anyone in opposition ask turdo about this video? Remind him that he said Harper was fear mongering but in reality he was right. It would be hard for the village idiot to deny he said this.

Elizabeth Thorne

During the debate in Ontario, did everyone hear Horwath, constantly interrupting, saying “That is not true Mr. Ford“, i.e. when he was talking about the far, far, left comments made by NDP candidates. This woman should write a book, call it “Lies I Told The Voters, All In The Name Of Power.

Pat Lem

Reasonable people are reminded daily of the incompetence of the ptb and their submission to ideas and policies and laws that serve only one purpose > to undermine western civilization standards by replacing them with marxist-leninist totalitarianism. Imo, ‘they’ are committing the crime more commonly know as ‘crimes against humanity’ in their genocidal quest.

William Pearon

There are three words that can be used to describe the actions of the Trudeau government, and only three words: subversion, sedition and treason. I am reluctant to use the word “hate”, its the buzzword of the Left, but at any other time, on any other occasion, this visceral hatred for Canada as a civilized western nation, a civilized western nation that sits on a foundation of western Anglo-Saxon Protestant Judaeo Christianity, a hatred as displayed by virtually the entirety of the Liberal government, the Marxist federal and provincial bureaucracies, the growing ranks of Marxists within law enforcement and the… Read more »


I agree, but it also appears we have an education system that’s broken, and wrought with socialist indoctrination that I think is partly to blam too. Our governments and educators need to step up and fix it and get back to the basics of teaching kids to be successful, to think and reason things through for themselves, and above all else to respect each other and to tolerate the beliefs and opinions of others. That’s what I think anyway. It won’t happen under this gov’t though.