WATCH: Harper Tried Warning Canadians About Trudeau’s Open Borders

At the time, Trudeau attacked Harper as a fear-mongerer. But it turns out Harper was right.

During the 2015 Leaders Debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried warning Canadians about Justin Trudeau’s open borders policies.

While discussing the Syria crisis, Harper warned Canadians that both Trudeau and NDP leader at the time Tom Mulcair would have thrown open the borders and let everybody in.

Trudeau attacked Harper as a ‘fear-mongerer’, and tried denying that he would open up the borders.

Watch what happened below, as shared by Steeper33 on Twitter:

It’s all turned out as predicted by Harper.

Once in power, Trudeau literally tweeted about how he was opening up the borders, welcoming ‘everyone’ to Canada on our taxpayers dime.

It’s resulted in a huge illegal border crossing crisis, hundreds of millions in costs (soon to be billions) and a huge burden on our social services – not to mention a possible national security risk.

So, Harper was right, and Trudeau was wrong. The warning wasn’t fear-mongering, it was the truth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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