We Can’t Win, So Vote For Us Anyway Because The Other Parties Suck: Watch The Ontario Liberals New Ad

One of the strangest ads seen in Canadian politics.

On the heels of Kathleen Wynne’s announcement that she’s conceding the election before any votes are even counted, the Ontario Liberals have released one of the strangest ads ever seen in Canadian politics.

From the outset, the ad admits defeat – saying that voters will chose a new government on Election Day, and then attacks both the PCs and NDP, before saying that people should vote Liberal to stop either party from having power.


It’s message is basically “We can’t win, so vote for us anyway because the other parties suck.”

You can watch the ad below:

The ad – and Wynne’s premature concession – is an acknowledgment of her horrendous popularity numbers, but it’s still an appalling strategy. Any momentum that could have still existed within the Ontario Liberal Party has been snuffed out. Volunteers and candidates will be totally demoralized.

Also, the ad reveals the same arrogance that turned so many people against Kathleen Wynne in the first place. Her party thinks it’s great when they get a majority, but other parties seeking a majority need to be stopped by giving power to the Liberals.

Interesting ‘logic’…

Of course, if Ontarians trusted the Liberals with power, the party wouldn’t be in such a sad and desperate position.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter