WYNNE GIVES IN: Kathleen Concedes Before Election Is Even Over

So much for that whole voting thing…

Today would be a shitty day to be an Ontario Liberal candidate or campaign volunteer.

Campaigns can be tough at the best of times, but imagine how it feels to have the leader of your party throw in the total before any results are even in.

And yet, that’s what Kathleen Wynne has done.

In a shocking announcement, Wynne threw in the towel. She said “Even though I won’t be leading this province as premier, I care deeply about how it will be led. People want change, but by and large they’re confident about where Ontario stands and where Ontario is headed. For this reason — I heard this over and over again — many voters are worried about handing a blank cheque to either Doug Ford or the NDP.”

Watch some of Wynne’s comments below:

This will totally demoralize all the Ontario Liberal candidates and volunteers, removing any hope (even if it was mostly delusional) that the party could make a comeback.

While I’m glad – along with millions of people – to seen Wynne on the way out, she has done a huge disservice to the people who are running under her party banner.

Now, the election will come down to how many Liberal voters stick with their party, or switch to the PCs, NDP, or just decide to stay home.

The threat of a socialist win may have risen after this announcement, and that’s why everybody who wants to stop a socialist disaster from taking power in Ontario needs to get out and vote.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter