After Trudeau Promises Em’ $4.5 Billion, Kinder Morgan Executives To Get $3 Million In Bonuses

Laughing all the way to the bank.

While there is widespread outrage over Trudeau letting things deteriorate to the point where the government spent $4.5 billion to nationalize the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline, Kinder Morgan executives must be feeling pretty good about it.

So good in fact, that two of them are about to get $3 million in combined bonuses.

According to the National Observer, both Kinder Morgan Canada president Ian Anderson and Trans Mountain Expansion vice president David Safari are going to be getting $1.5 million bonuses.

The announcement comes after Justin Trudeau announced that he would spend $4.5 billion of Canadian taxpayer dollars to nationalize the Trans Mountain pipeline.

It’s a great deal for Kinder Morgan, who got paid tons of money to give up a pipeline they were once willing to spend billions on expanding.

And that $4.5 billion only covers the sale of the pipeline to the Canadian government, it doesn’t cover any future construction costs.

So, while taxpayers pay for Justin Trudeau’s failure to create a strong foundation for energy industry investment, Kinder Morgan execs are laughing all the way to the bank.

This is a pattern often noted when it comes to highly-regulatory governments. Regulations often work out in the favour of big corporations, who can buy their way around them or get paid off for any damage they suffer. But medium and small businesses, plus working people, taxpayers, and investors, end up paying the real price for heavy regulations, and get ripped off relentlessly.

The fact is it never should have gotten to this point. The Trudeau government was weak, pandered to the radical left in B.C., and refused to create a climate of confidence for the Trans Mountain expansion. As a result, the only way to potentially salvage the pipeline – nobody can be sure it will be built at this point – was to give the US-based company a huge taxpayer bailout/nationalization. It’s an epic failure by the Trudeau government, and we are directly paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Did Trudeau pay himself his Trudeau Carbon Tax on the KM purchase?

Deneze Lujanen

Treasonous Trudeau needs to go to prison.. for Treason against Canada and the Canadian People.. Make room in GITMO for treasonous Trudeau.. plus hes got to pay the Canadians back for all the money he wasted … i think we all should send him to prison


David MacKAY

Trudeau shut down two major export pipelines, He has also made it clear that no NOrther Gateway Pipeline will ever be built. He has ended the Liquid Natural Gas terminal form being built. Now Trudeau is buying the remaining West coast export line that needed to be upgraded this being the main line for exporting oil from Western Caanda’s Alberta and BC. With that track record – do you think Trudeau made a mistake? Were the previous events mistakes. Trudeau is on record saying he hated Ft. McMurray Oil – now he can shut it off. Now Trudeau and not… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Overheard on the Prime Minister’s phone ..

JT: “…so I’m gonna buy it and build it myself. What would be a fair price for those 65-year-old pipelines, Kinder-Morgan?”
KM: “Ahh… $450 milli….. I mean $4.5 billion.”
JT: “Sold! Will you take an IOU (Canadian debt bonds)?”

note- The Trans Mountain Pipeline, built in 1953, had a total cost of $93 million then.

Mel Kozun

If I owned a PRIVATE COMPANY who’s executives turned a $660 million dollar investment into $4.5 BILLION in just over 10 years – I’d give them bonus’s too ….