If The Socialists Win In Ontario, There Won’t Be Any Businesses Left To Tax

Ontario would be looking at an economic disaster.

Businesses of all sizes in Ontario are having a tough time.

With carbon taxes and insane energy costs making it tougher and tougher to succeed, many people have wondered how it could get any worse.

Well, if the socialists win in Ontario, it will get much worse.

The Ontario NDP have said they’re going to tax large businesses, but we learned earlier that they’re also planning a big tax increase on small businesses.

The NDP needs the money to fund their reckless spending, but their plan has no chance of working.


Because if they win power, there won’t be any businesses left to tax.

Word is quickly spreading throughout the province of businesses planning to pack things up and head south if the NDP gains power.

There would be an exodus of investment, businesses, and jobs, which would be economically devastating for the province.

As highly-respected radio host Roy Green recently tweeted, “3 ON business owners have shared with me an NDP win Thursday will result in their closing shop & moving to the U.S. immediately. American states are contacting successful ON employers with multi-year tax freedom offers daily. More than 300 direct jobs gone, more affected.”

Expect that scenario of businesses fleeing to be repeated over and over and over again if the NDP win. Businesses of all sizes will be fleeing, but it will be far worse for many small businesses, which won’t be able to flee and will have to close up shop entirely.

After that exodus, the Ontario NDP will be desperate for tax revenue as economic growth falls apart, meaning that working people and middle class families would get fleeced for what cash they have left.

That would be the final nail in the coffin for the Ontario economy, which is already reeling under a massive debt burden. And there wouldn’t be money left over for the social programs the NDP claims to care about, since a strong private sector and a growing economy is necessary to keep social programs strong.

The combo of massive debt, collapsing investment, jobs fleeing, businesses fleeing, and declining growth would be an economic disaster.

For all of these reasons and more (remember their radical extremist candidates, sanctuary province, etc…), the Ontario NDP must be stopped. And only the Ontario PCs can stop them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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