POLL TRACKER: Ontario PCs & NDP Neck And Neck

Tracker gives NDP slight lead in popular vote, PCs have advantage in seat projections.

Éric Grenier has updated his Poll Tracker (which is a decent election resource despite unfortunately being on the CBC website). Here are the key numbers:

In the popular vote, the NDP is at 37.1%, the PCs are at 36.1%, and the Liberals are at 20.3%.

When it comes to seat projections, the PCs are at 69 with a range of 48-78, the NDP are at 52 with a range of 44-64, and the Liberals are at 3, with a range of 0-18.

Grenier writes, “After closing the gap on the PCs, the New Democrats’ momentum appears to have stalled as the two parties have been effectively tied in the polls, with the leader going back and forth, for almost two weeks. The PCs are still projected to win the most seats because of their ability to capture more ridings in the GTA-Hamilton-Niagara region, where they can win twice as many seats as the NDP despite a slim lead there in the polls.”

These numbers should be taken with a grain of salt however, since none of the polls included in the tracker are from after Kathleen Wynne’s strange pre-election concession speech.

With Wynne admitting she can’t win, the upcoming polls will show how whether the electorate has changed dramatically, or whether Wynne’s announcement didn’t change much.

There are conflicting views on what impact Wynne’s announcement will have. Some say it will free up Liberal-leaning voters who dislike Wynne to vote for the Liberals anyway – without the fear that Wynne will retain power, while some say it will push voters to the NDP. Others have also raised the possibility that it will focus minds on the threat of a socialist government waking up many people and driving them to vote PC to stop that from happening.

Read more Poll Tracker numbers here.

Spencer Fernando

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The CBC is giving Ford an 80% chance of winning a majority. The conservatives support is spread more evenly throughout the province.

Sure hope that turns out to be true.

Forthe NDP

Yuck Doug Ford Yuck the worst leader to bestow our fair province…Anyway else feel he is the biggest idiot to get into politics?? His platform or lack thereof makes no sense but what I do realize he will gain a lot of power to ruin our lives some more if we vote for him!! Use your head people its time for a change NDP they are not all bad, and for 1 am into taxing the rich how else are us little people ever going to save a buck for retirement.

Norbert Kausen

If the BOZOS in Ontario vote in the NDP, Ontario is finished as a province!! There will be no economy, there will be no food in the stores, taxes will be through the roof and people will starve! remember, they took a page out of the Venezuela socislist book and they are starving… to death… in Venezuela! Yeah… jsut what we need in Ontario… people starving to death!!! I CANNOT, for the life of me, fathom just how feeble-minded the liberal left simpletons REALLY are!!!