DISTURBING: Ontario NDP Candidate Looked To Socialist Venezuela “For Inspiration”

Under the ruthless socialist regime, the average Venezuelan has lost 25 pounds because of food shortages, the currency is nearly worthless, toilet paper is almost impossible to find, and democracy has been destroyed.

Whenever common sense people bring up the specter of socialist Venezuela, defensive radical leftists claim that it’s ‘fear-mongering’ or an unfair comparison.

Despite the fact that socialism has destroyed Venezuela’s economy to the extent that the nation with the highest oil reserves on earth is importing oil, can’t feed their people, and can’t even provide toilet paper, socialists like to pretend it has nothing to do with their ideology.

But now, it has been revealed that Ontario NDP candidate Joel Harden – who attacked people who disagree with Andrea Horwath’s ‘sanctuary province’ scheme – said he looked to socialist Venezuela “For inspiration.”

The Ontario PC Party released an excerpt of a doctoral thesis by Harden, in which he said this about Venezuela:

“For inspiration, then, this thesis ends by reviewing the ‘socialism of the twenty-first century’ currently espoused by Venezuelan radicals. Their Bolivarian revolution, it is argued, despite its contradictions, suggest clues for global radicals elsewhere.”

So, we have a candidate from the socialist NDP seeking power in Ontario while taking his inspiration from a brutal socialist regime.


The economic and social carnage in Venezuela has been horrendous. The currency is basically worthless, the inflation rate is in the thousands, people are fleeing the country in huge numbers, people can’t find food (even resorting to breaking into Zoos to eat the animals), the political opposition has been persecuted and the country is now importing oil despite their immense oil reserves.

Yet, Joel Harden thinks the regime responsible for the socialist policies that caused Venezuela’s disaster is “inspiring.” And it’s no idle speculation. Harden has called for Ontario to have the highest carbon tax on earth, a policy which would devastate the economy.

It’s incredibly disturbing, and it’s yet another reason the NDP can’t be trusted with power in Ontario.

After all, can you imagine what would happen if Harden was the Finance Minister for Canada’s largest province?

Spencer Fernando

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Shawn Harris

Socialism is the zombie of politics, no matter how many times you expose it for the evil fraud it is , there still remains those citizens who fall victim to it’s deceitful and destructive seduction.That says you can and must have whatever you desire, for free, at government expense, because it is all the fault of Conservatives, Christians, and free market capitalism that you are suffering. And it is promoted by citizens of such twisted and delusional thinking as Joel Harden, Andrea Horwath , Jagmeet Sing and others of the far left socialist club. These are the people who want… Read more »

Ben Eby

Perfectly said Shawn, and entirely true. It would be great if we could find a way to get this message to the people who should read it, and then get them to understand it….that is the problem. We will, however, keep trying as there are no remaining options! Those who have been tainted by the freebies are very hard to communicate with, beyond their chosen intellectual level.


Venezuela’s Maduro dictator is still saying things are good in Venezuela? that he is trying to get oil production going again? The UN? has offered to come in with food for the people who are starving and medical for the sick, Maduro in his great socialism control says his country is doing fine. This country was going ahead until Maduro Socialism struck them down, as we with our eyes open can see progressing in Canada, and our socialist Trudeau rulers will say Canada is doing great, because the elite will be, at our loss. Venezuela has fixed elections too.


George Soros has his foundation, the Tides, sponsoring a campaign here in On called #NeverFord. They plan to cal 50,000 people in On to encourage them not to vote PC. How democratic is that ? It could swing the vote to NDP i spite of their bad rap. Need to stop them but it`s considered legal to encourage people to vote for a certain party.