FORUM POLL: Liberal Support Holds After Wynne Concession, PCs & Socialists Battle For First

The gap between the PCs and the socialist NDP remains very narrow.

In the wake of Kathleen Wynne’s shocking decision to concede the election before any votes are even in, the latest Forum Poll – taken after Wynne’s announcement – shows Liberal support holding steady.

The key numbers are below:

PCs 38%, NDP 37%, Liberals 18%

Based on those numbers and the distribution of votes, Forum projects the PCs would win 69 seats, the NDP 49, and the Liberals 6.

The poll shows Kathleen Wynne with the worst approval rating, with 23% approving and 65% disapproving.

Ford has approval from 27% while 55% disapprove, while 41% approve of Horwath and 34% disapprove. Notably, the longer the campaign has gone on the more people have reported having a negative view of Horwath – in large part due to her ‘handling’ of radical extremist candidates.

The Forum Poll matches what most other polls are saying: The PCs and NDP are neck and neck, the Liberals are down to their hardcore base, and turnout on Election Day will decide whether Ontario will suffer under the socialists or get a new direction under the PCs.

Read the full Forum Poll here.

Spencer Fernando

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Suzanne Normoyle

It just amazes me how stupid Ontarians are that they will vote NDP. I really am disheartened by these results and I do hope they are wrong like they were in the states. They have not surveyed the silent PCs hopefully. I am not one of the silent ones. I have my sign up on my lawn – the only one in my neighborhood.


O/T, Justin at meet the Press The reporters are so blinded with hate for anyone conservatives that they have no idea how good they have it under TRUMP. The same happening here. The media are doing everything in their power to see to it that PC DOUG FORD does not become the premier of Ontario. This may be canada, but fighting for her safety and protection is not the norm ror the media to care about but rather political party of their choice with is either lib or ndp is their canada. Not canada as a whole. Our troops… Read more »


I noticed Ford’s approval rating is almost as bad as Wynne’s. I’m sure the almost entirely negative news he receives has something to do with it.

Hoping for Ontario’s sake, as well as the rest of Canada, that the conservatives win a majority on Thursday.