New Italian Government Says “Free Ride Is Over” For Illegal Migrants

Populist coalition to take power after failure of the governing elites.

Italy’s new populist government says it’s time for illegal migrants to leave the country.

As reported by AP News, “The free ride is over,” League leader Matteo Salvini, Italy’s new interior minister, warned migrants at a rally in northern Italy. “It’s time to pack your bags.”

After years of more and more illegal immigration and economic stagnation, Italy turned against the pro-EU elites and gave their votes to two populist parties, the League and the Five Star Movement.

Both are considered Euroskeptic, which is no surprise considering the economic troubles and loss of national sovereignty experienced by many EU countries.

Disturbingly, the elitist President of Italy had attempted to block the populist coalition from taking power. In an effort to block the will of the people, he tried appointing a former IMF banker to lead a caretaker government before new elections.

However, that effort failed when a cabinet could not be formed, and the coalition of The League & The Five Star Movement was able to take power. Still, it showed the extent that the EU elite will go to in order to stop those who want more freedom and national independence, as can be seen by repeated efforts to weaken/overturn Brexit.

People want strong national economies, and strong national borders, something the elites have totally failed to provide. Yet, even when the voters turn against them, the elites fail to get the message.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Great news, other European countries need to follow. Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland have already rejected this forced acceptance of migrates by the corrupt EU.


Bravo Italy!
Here is hoping Canada’s next election in 2019 we will do this also!



Roger Shelswell

This is great news. It is time for the rest of the world to wake up.


The Italian people are becoming smarter as they are seeing this socialist elite destruction of their country, Canada and it’s socialist elite owned media, and dictators saying it is what Canadians want, still cannot see the truth. Hungary also voted in a grass root party, and are trying to get their country back, thy have a list of Soros backers to be removed from their country and the EU is also trying to stop them. It is sad that true illegal immigrants, are being pushed out but if it is just collapsing their new country, there is no use in… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Great news for Italy and Italians; terrible news for France, Germany and the northern European countries, because those 600,000 migrants are going to scatter north like cokroaches when you turn on the lights.


That is very good news!!!


Great to see these countries turning against the globalist elites! Now if only Canada would wake up and send Justin and the LPC packing…

Tommy Hawk

I have the distinct impression that the Italians have responded as they did after the end of WW2 and they got rid of Benito — he was, at that time their representative elitist — at least in his warped mind — and remembering that was quite probably a memory for enough to ensure this new government — that is what we must do — for the same reasons.


We need leaders like that here in Canada.