PUSHING BACK: Many People Are Raising Doubts About Timing Of Lawsuit Against Doug Ford

There are many people in the public who have seen this same thing before: A conservative candidate with a chance to win, then a bunch of media scandals erupt ‘conveniently’ in the final days before voting.

After reports of a lawsuit against Doug Ford, many in the public are pushing back and raising big doubts about the timing.

Here’s some of what the people are saying about it:

“Irrelevant to the election.”

“Neither suspicious nor coincidence. It is simply deliberate.”

“So Rob dead two years and this drops now?”

“sounds about right they couldn’t win on a even playing field”

“Suspicious to say the least.”

“If he was not the PC leader right now we would not hear about it .”


“So worried about the timing of the lawsuit but not what’s in the lawsuit: an inept businessman. Our politicians are crap”


“Dispicable left wing politics, that’s all it is…”


“It’s not going to matter!!!”

“They outed him so he can make the case drag on as long as he wants now.”

“Sounds like the NDP is desperate to turn ON into a smoking ruin.

“Exactly the timing that pisses people off and makes them more likely to vote PC.”

“The timing suggests a shakedown, aided and abetted by The Red Star.”

“I don’t think it will matter and I’m praying it won’t”


While the impact on the polls of this lawsuit is not yet known, the responses above show that many people are starting to push back against the scandal-mongering of the establishment media, and many people see this timing as very suspicious with an Election just days away…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I would call it “Very Dirty Politics”, when the Conservatives have a chance to win and a bunch of media scandals erupt conveniently just before election day! It wouldn’t surprise me if this was hatched by Patrick Brown, since his sister works for the lawyers who are representing Rob Ford’s widow. Get over it, Patrick, you were NEVER liked even before your scandal! Politics is OVER FOR YOU !


That Patrick brown sure is angry

A.A. Burley

This is deliberate. The star should be bankrupted after they ran this, it shows they are morally bankrupt. Nothing like trying to tip the scales for the NDP. It won’t matter, but it is reprehensible of the media. Anything for a headline at voting time.

Roger Shelswell

It is a big scam. Started by a sick woman. I am surprised at the lawyer that would file such a ridiculous suit. It is irrelevant as far as the election goes.


It gives me hope that people are starting to realize the scams and outright lies the Lieberal/NDP at our expense with their foreign owned media are playing. Even if true, so what, it does not involve our politics or Rob Fords integrity as an honest politician working for Ontario, unlike the scandals and lies and secrecy of the Lieberal/NDP not for Ontario, wasting our taxes on foreign agendas trying to suppress the regular people with propaganda and un-free goodies wasting our tax dollars to destroy our once good law abiding nation. Vote Doug Ford. Spencer, again thank you, you are… Read more »

shawn harris

Dig a little deeper and i am sure you find connections going back to the “lead Now” organization and even to outside , American leftist socialist organizations. After all, Ontario is the election test bed for the October 2019 election , that Trudeau , who is already running scared of, will have to face. I wouldn’t even be surprised to find out that Gerald Butts and company are behind this; as it seems to be a last minute attempt to keep either the Liberals in power or help get the NDP in power.

Sandra Williston

Stay steady Doug. Your supporters will circle the wagons. The fingerprints of the Wynne-Horwath tag team are pretty glaring.