REPORT: Patrick Brown’s Sister Works For Law Firm Suing Doug Ford

Aird & Berlis is representing Renata Ford in what many are calling a ‘conveniently’ timed lawsuit against Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford.

There’s some more info regarding the law firm involved in the lawsuit against Doug Ford.

According to Global TV News reporter Seán O’Shea, the law firm suing Doug Ford – Aird & Berlis – employs Fiona Brown, the sister of ousted Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown.

According to O’Shea, “she was made a partner there on January 30 of this year.”

“BROWN CONNECTION The law firm suing Doug Ford for $16.5 million, Aird&Berlis, also employs former PC Leader Patrick Brown’s sister, Fiona Brown. She was made a partner there on January 30 of this year. #onpoli #Lawyers”

To be clear, there is no evidence of a link between Brown’s employment with Aird & Berlis and the lawsuit against Ford.

That said, it could raise doubts in the minds of many people about what is really going on here – including the fact that this is only coming up three days before the election.

It has been a usual tactic of the left and the elites to launch a relentless stream of attacks and rumors against Conservatives days before elections, when there is too little time to adequately get to the truth or fight back.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Just when you think life doesn’t get any more interesting.
Suck me sideways !!

Ken (Kulak)

My, my, isn’t this all coincidentally convenient.


Surprise, surprise, how conveinient is that. Coincidence you say, I think not, especially given the tactics of the left. Looks like they know their goose is cooked. Don’t fall for it folks, vote Ford Nation and bring back common sense, jobs and stability to Ontario, instead of more mismanagement and massive debt.


this is so obvious…


The Lieberal/NDP foreign Parties have their agendas and it looked to me that they infiltrated the the Federal Progressive Conservatives with Mulroney, who still works for the Lieberals is even on Trudeau’s Trust Fund board of directors and is involved with other Lieberal deals (NAFTA) etc. So Mr. S. Harper had to re-invent the real Conservatives again and you saw the fight he had to keep it Conservative. So in Ontario’s PC’s it looked a while back, that they had been infiltrated, Tim Hudeck, John Tory-who now claims to be Lieberal, Patrick Brown, who agreed with Wynne on Lieberal policy… Read more »


If Doug Ford is not voted in…Ontario will be unrecognisable and they deserve everybit of misery and filure their province reaps.