VIDEO: Scheer Asks Why Trudeau Is Waiting Until July 1st To Impose Retaliatory Tariffs

The US tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum are already in effect and hurting Canadian workers. So why is Trudeau waiting more than three weeks to impose Canada’s retaliation?

Justin Trudeau made a big deal of imposing retaliatory tariffs on US steel and aluminum imports in response to the US decision to hit Canada with tariffs of 25% on steel, and 10% on aluminum.

However, Trudeau’s tariffs aren’t scheduled to take effect until July 1st.

As a result, Canadian steel and aluminum is already being slammed with the US tariffs, while US steel and aluminum is able to enter our country without a tariff.

That discrepancy hurts our steel industry, and it makes the Trudeau government appear weak.

In Question Period, Andrew Scheer asked Trudeau why the tariffs are being delayed:

As we have seen, when Donald Trump sees weakness he pushes even more to get his vision of the best possible deal. So, by delaying retaliation, the Trudeau government is showing that we are unwilling to push back as tough as the US, which is a bad signal to send.

The fact remains, US tariffs are already in effect on Canada, while our tariffs are so far all talk, no action.

Scheer is right to be asking these questions, and the Trudeau government should get tough and impose the tariffs immediately.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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How many ahs & ums did the village idiot say during this comment of his?


Since when is this loser concerned about whether these decisions hurt workers in Canada ….and what makes him think one month will make a difference WHAT HE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND ….bla bla


jt you never cared about born in Canada candians before what are you doing getting permission from george if you are listing to Canadians step down


We need a truly great Right Honorable S. Harper, this would never have happened, he was highly respected around the world, and cared for Canada. I sure hope Mr. Scheer will be as great.
Shame on Trudeau and his band of foreign run traitors, who hate Canada, and are collapsing us.