BREAKING: Mainstreet Research Ontario Election Poll Shows NDP Fading, PCs In The Lead

NDP support falls 5 points since last poll.

With two days to go, Mainstreet Research is projecting a PC majority government.

Last week, their poll showed the NDP with 39.3%, the PCs with 37.9%, and the Liberals with 16%.

Today, their poll shows the PCs in the lead with 39%, the NDP fading to 34.3%, and the Liberals with 20.2%.

Quito Maggi – Mainstreet Research President & CEO – noted that despite the last minute lawsuit against Doug Ford, the NDP has too much ground to make up, saying the NDP would need an eight point swing to win:

“I suspect that time might be running out and this might be a bridge too far for the NDP to cross,” said Maggi. “We have been doing daily tracking in this campaign and we have yet to see an eight point swing over two days in this campaign.”

“I would be genuinely surprised if Horwath can make up this much ground in this such short a time. I expect Ontario to elect a PC majority government on Thursday.”

Of course, this is just one poll, and the threat of a socialist win in Ontario is still there. The elites will be doing everything they can in the final days to try and destroy Ford Nation, and that’s why everyone needs to get out and vote to ensure that the socialists don’t take power.

The Mainstreet Research poll is embedded below:


Mainstreet Ontario June5 by Mainstreet on Scribd

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter