LEGER ONTARIO POLL: PCs Hold Narrow Lead As Election Day Nears

PC support remains solid says pollster.

Earlier in the Ontario Election campaign, many polls were saying many different things.

Some showed the PCs leading, while others had shown a big lead for the radical socialist NDP.

But now, the polls appear to be converging into a more narrow range: The PCs have a slight lead or are tied with the NDP, who are no longer gaining support.

According to the latest in a flurry of recently released polls, Leger found the PCs to have the support of 39% of Ontarians, while the NDP are at 38%. The Liberals are far back, with 18%.

As noted by the CP, “A big difference with the previous survey is that voting intentions appear much firmer now, with under 20 per cent of responders saying they have yet to make up their minds — down from more than one third last time.”

The PC vote appears to be more efficient, with Leger’s executive VP Christian Bourque saying “A statistical tie in the popular vote is to the advantage of the Conservatives.”

“They do look solid heading into voting day,” Bourque added.

The NDP has stalled as more and more people learned about the dangerously radical candidates the NDP is putting forth.

Still, with the elites trying to destroy Ford with last-minute scandals, all non-socialists will need to turn out to stop the NDP from gaining power.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube