POLL: Ontario PCs Have Lead Among Advance Voters

Enthusiasm among PC supporters appears to be strong.

As the corrupt elites try to destroy Ford Nation, a new survey shows that supporters of the Doug Ford PCs are getting out to vote in strong numbers in advance voting.

According to Pollara, 18.8% of respondents say they have already voted. Among those advance voters, 43% say they’ve voted PC, while 36% say they voted NDP.

In a report on the poll, Macleans says “This represents a baked-in advantage for the PCs: the NDP would have to do commensurately better on Thursday to make up for that advance lead. It also suggests an enthusiasm gap that has, so far, translated into real differences in votes cast. And because total voter turnout in the last two elections was only a few points on either side of 50 per cent of eligible voters, the 18.8 per cent looms even larger.”

Overall, the PCs lead in the poll with 39%, while the NDP have 37%. The Liberals are at 17%, having fallen in the Pollara poll since Wynne’s premature concession. This contrasts with other polls which have shown the Liberals either steady, or gaining some votes in the final days.

It seems that despite the efforts by the elites, Ford Nation is remaining solid and getting out to vote in strong numbers. That said, a socialist win still cannot be ruled out, and everybody who wants to stop the radical socialist NDP needs to get out to vote. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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