TOO BIG A RISK: The NDP’s Radical Candidates Would Inflict Economic Disaster Upon Ontario

Imagine the most radical far-left activists in control of Ontario’s economy…

The Ontario NDP is no longer a party of working people.

Instead of representing the working class, the NDP has morphed into a repository for the most radical far-left extremists you can imagine.

Even on a university campus, the NDP’s views would be considered radical by many.

Their team is full of socialists who still probably think the only problem with communism is that “real communism hasn’t been tried yet.”

They oppose the idea of a private sector, and they worship at the alter of an all-powerful government that controls every aspect of the economy, and maintains that control through massive taxation of individuals, families and businesses.

In short, they are under the thrall of an ideology that would have horrendously destructive consequences for Ontario’s economy.

Indeed, it would be economic disaster for Ontario if the NDP gained power.

Keep in mind how bad things got under the Bob Rae NDP government, and then realize that Bob Rae was far more moderate than the band of radicals and extremists trying to hide behind Andrea Horwath’s fake moderate image.

As bad as his government was – and it was terrible – Bob Rae was not nearly as far to the left as the current iteration of the NDP in Ontario.

That’s why the risk to Ontario can’t be overstated. While the Ontario PCs have a full team of credible people who can be counted on to govern the province, the NDP has a team of radicals.

If the NDP gains power, Canada’s largest provincial economy will be pushed into a crisis of credit rating downgrades, collapsing investment, jobs fleeing, and a big “CLOSED FOR BUSINESS” sign emblazoned across the entire province.

That would result in the entire province becoming poorer, meaning that the NDP would end up having to slash healthcare, infrastructure, education, and other social services. After all, when you’re drowning in debt payments and there aren’t any businesses to tax, how can services be paid for?

The only way to stop this disaster from taking place is to ensure that the Ontario PC Party prevails. The polls show that it’s close, and the corrupt elites are doing everything possible to tear down the PCs and install the NDP in power.

The NDP getting in would be far too big a risk.

To stop that from happening, people need to get out and vote to Stop The Socialists.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Moe S.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill

Gordon E Surbey

Ontario’s Provincial Election is not only important for that province, it will be an indicator of whether Canada has any hope of recovering from it’s Trudeau/Butts liberal driven downward spiral to a post-national, third world globalist state.

Brian Dougan

Please–someone–tell me why. Why would anyone vote hardcore NDP? Especially for this bunch of dangerous people. After fifteen years of the dead hand of McGuinty and Wynne–more of the same–only much; much worse. Hasn’t Ontario suffered enough? Are people in favor of an even lower quality of life? A “sanctuary province”?? Seriously?? Doug Ford’s party is only ahead by a couple of points? I feel delusional. This can’t be happening. It must be a bad dream. It’s not only the people in Ontario who will suffer; the socialists will drag the rest of Canada down with them. If the NDP… Read more »


Because they are all people who want a great life without having to do any work. They think they will get a Guaranteed Basic Income, Free Education, Free Prescription, Free Healthcare and Affordable Housing.

NDP voters are the lazy who want what the rich have but don’t want to work for it.


What do you expect from those who want the “free stuff” the NDP and Liberals offer? Mix in people who virtue signal how welcoming Ontario is while living in an upper middle class neighbourhood that is likely gated and politicians who are so generous. Generous with other people’s money that is. I don’t know about your local riding, but my local riding is basically Liberal vs NDP. Conservatism seems to be non existent as I hardly see any of those signs in the lawns of people’s houses.


True, Insightful quote from George Washington! He couldn’t have said it any better.


religious or not , now would be a good time to say a prayer for Ontario.