Trudeau’s ‘Gender Focused’ Military Policy Is Failing

Recruiting based on arbitrary politically-correct quotas is foolish.

You would think that the top focus of the government when it comes to the military would be strengthening our defences, and ensuring the best recruits possible – regardless of their background.

But instead, the Trudeau government has been trying to hit arbitrary ‘diversity’ quotas for the military.

The government says the goal is to have 25% of people in the Canadian Military be women, while having 3.5% be Indigenous, and 11.8% be visible minorities.

Of course, this is all incredibly foolish.

The background of those who defend our country should be irrelevant. If the best person for the job happens to be a women, or Indigenous, or a visible minority, then that’s great. If not, then that’s great too. It shouldn’t matter.

The goal should be finding the best person, regardless of their background. Unfortunately, inserting politically-correct goals interferes with that.

It’s disturbing to see the government trying to turn their ‘diversity is strength’ slogan into a defence policy, as it shows a shocking level of naivety and virtue-signalling being applied to an institution that should be all about ruthless rationality and a total focus on defending our nation – not playing politics.

And in a finding that will surprise nobody, the effort isn’t working.

In the entire Canadian military, there were 860 women enrolled last fiscal year, according to reports. In a country of 35 million people.

While the government says that number went up by 8%, they say it’s not enough. A Lieutenant General said “Those are still not meeting the number we need to have in order to meet the 25 per cent target and we’re conscious of that.”

As a result, the government is putting even more of an effort in to hit the diversity target, meaning more tax dollars being spent.

It’s very inefficient as a recruiting strategy, because there are aren’t any barriers to women or minorities joining the military. It is open to everybody by law. So the government is simply spending more time and money trying to recruit among groups that have shown less willingness to voluntarily join the military – all just to get some virtue-signalling political talking points.

Meanwhile, our military is so underfunded and so small that Canada is basically going undefended. But it seems that’s of no concern to the fools running things in Ottawa.

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Bainard

Perhaps all the female liberal MPs should enlist after they get turfed in next years election.


“Trudeau’s ‘Gender Focused’ Military Policy Is Failing”
So is everything else that he touches…


How obvious it is that he did a lot of thinking before accepting this job ….. !!??!!

Sewer Rat

Think? LOL!


Picking the best and most suited people for the military, should be left up to the military leaders who know whats best, Lieberal/NDP’s do not even know how to run a government professionally let alone a real professional military, but like the country they are destroying with their foreign paid agendas, now its the military’s turn so the country can go down the tubes faster still.

shawn harris

If anyone should believe that Trudeau takes our military seriously, then they are easily fooled. Trudeau like his father Pierre Trudeau just pretends to support them and in fact by his actions is just mocking them. Trudeau would have been told just what the military needs are and you can be certain gender equality was not on their wish list of needs to be fulfilled. The military is always on the lookout for soldiers and servicemen that will fill the diverse needs of our military, consideration for gender or ethnic background is a very small consideration, when placed against matching… Read more »

Gary Peverelle

Trudeau, Minister of National Defence, and Chief of Defence Staff should all head out to pasture. There are the worst people in charge of the military. Seven family members have served since WW2 with 2 still in. They say it is demoralizing how much the forces have declined.

Fred Dimmick

The only targets the military should be shooting at should be for firearms. Anything else is typical liberal lunacy.


Hopefully, Trudeau’s day in power will come to an end


Wrt gender in the military. While I agrai with your points your numbers cited are off. The CAF has more than 840 ish women your off by 10 thousand and if I could post the info here I would with the breakdown for regular and reserve force.

Mark L Horstead

Correct, Mike (but a bit more than 10000, Reserve Force included). There are over 14000 women in uniform, or 15.3% of the combined Regular and Reserve Force strength of just under 94000. See “By the end of 2017, there were 12 women at the General and Flag Officer ranks in the CAF, a record high with four in each service.” There is only one Service, the Canadian Armed Forces. One presumes that “each service” refers to the three Environmental Commands which, although renamed after the separate pre-1968 services, are still merely environmental commands and not services in their own… Read more »

G Paul Karcha



The article said 860 women joined the military last fiscal year. It did not quote the number of women in the military.


Jihadi Justin Trudeau supports TERRORISTS AND ISIS. Therefore, there is no way he supports our troops no matter how many times he beats his chest, cries or performs and neither does the media.
Sending our troops to Mali without a word in parliament tells that the safety of troops are of no corcern to him.
Wherever, whenever Trudeau throws in ‘gender’ is all show. Little does he have any respect for women while he supports terrorists that kill, beheads, rapes and enslave women.


Spencer, there was q commotion at the ‘environment’ committee with Mckenna and other mps. Can you get the video or transcript on what was said?
It was on June5, 2018, 11:45pm thereabouts. Thanks
The media might show us but, they have a tendency to cut part of the tape.

Tommy Hawk

Certainly, his mess is of no concern to those running the country — it simply far above their collective intellectual capabilities.

However, as history clearly demonstrates, he will not be the first to pay a penalty for ignoring those he depends of to save his life in an emergency where the military is the only group with the knowledge and capability of protecting him — something like completely ignoring your guard dog and then expecting the dog to respond to an emergency — and the dog’s concern is not protecting but eating.