Trudeau’s ‘Gender Focused’ Military Policy Is Failing

Recruiting based on arbitrary politically-correct quotas is foolish.

You would think that the top focus of the government when it comes to the military would be strengthening our defences, and ensuring the best recruits possible – regardless of their background.

But instead, the Trudeau government has been trying to hit arbitrary ‘diversity’ quotas for the military.

The government says the goal is to have 25% of people in the Canadian Military be women, while having 3.5% be Indigenous, and 11.8% be visible minorities.

Of course, this is all incredibly foolish.

The background of those who defend our country should be irrelevant. If the best person for the job happens to be a women, or Indigenous, or a visible minority, then that’s great. If not, then that’s great too. It shouldn’t matter.

The goal should be finding the best person, regardless of their background. Unfortunately, inserting politically-correct goals interferes with that.

It’s disturbing to see the government trying to turn their ‘diversity is strength’ slogan into a defence policy, as it shows a shocking level of naivety and virtue-signalling being applied to an institution that should be all about ruthless rationality and a total focus on defending our nation – not playing politics.

And in a finding that will surprise nobody, the effort isn’t working.

In the entire Canadian military, there were 860 women enrolled last fiscal year, according to reports. In a country of 35 million people.

While the government says that number went up by 8%, they say it’s not enough. A Lieutenant General said “Those are still not meeting the number we need to have in order to meet the 25 per cent target and we’re conscious of that.”

As a result, the government is putting even more of an effort in to hit the diversity target, meaning more tax dollars being spent.

It’s very inefficient as a recruiting strategy, because there are aren’t any barriers to women or minorities joining the military. It is open to everybody by law. So the government is simply spending more time and money trying to recruit among groups that have shown less willingness to voluntarily join the military – all just to get some virtue-signalling political talking points.

Meanwhile, our military is so underfunded and so small that Canada is basically going undefended. But it seems that’s of no concern to the fools running things in Ottawa.

Spencer Fernando

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