Trump Administration Considering Separate Trade Deals With Canada & Mexico

White House Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow says it’s Trump’s “preference” to “negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately.” 

Rather than work on NAFTA with all three countries, it appears US President Donald Trump would rather cut separate trade deals with Canada and Mexico.

That’s according to Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

Said Kudlow, “Yesterday we met with the president a couple times and he is very seriously contemplating kind of a shift in NAFTA negotiations. His preference now, and he asked me to convey this, is to actually negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately.”

Here’s a video of Kudlow’s remarks”

Separate trade deals would have a certain logic to it. The economies of Canada and the US are far more similar in terms of labour laws, environmental laws, and overall wealth level than either country is compared to Mexico.

Additionally, Canada and the US have balanced trade, whereas the US has a large deficit with Mexico. Mexico’s ability to undercut the wages of Canadian and American workers has caused damage to the auto industry – particularly in Canada, and working people could benefit from a deal that focuses on the strengths of the Canadian and US economy, while the US can address their trade deficit with Mexico separately.

Of course, to truly benefit from any deal – whether a bilateral agreement or a renegotiated NAFTA – Canada will need to lower taxes, scrap the carbon tax, and remove the burden of regulations that Justin Trudeau has so dangerously expanded. Otherwise, no matter what deal is ultimately made, Canada will be pushing investment out of our country, and Canadians will pay the price in lost prosperity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

Trump wants to tighten the screws on Jr over his love of terrorist and possibly defense spending.


When Trump says that Canada is a “Security Threat” to the United States, he is Absolutely Correct. Trudeau is an Inept and Terrorist Loving PM who has Paid Millions to Convicted Terrorists, is welcoming back ISIS Fighters, who have killed American soldiers, and are being welcomed back to Canada, without Arrest. Trudeau is pushing for stronger ties to Iran, a rogue, Terrorist Country, who want to eradicate Israel from the Planet, Just to name a few of his actions. Trump is keeping the U.S. safe now and for the future. If Canada/U.S. border wasn’t many thousands of miles, long, this… Read more »


Remember Mr. Harper’s open letter when Mr. Trump first started talking about the reworking of the NAFTA. Mr. Harper said to work it separately, it could have been peacefully all settled now if The Conservatives had looked after this to the better and fair for Canada. If, the Lieberals knew anything about business and running a government FOR Canada, not the country collapse agenda the Lieberal/NDP follow.