Twitter Survey: 95% Say Timing Of Lawsuit Against Doug Ford Is “Very Suspicious”

Over 1,100 people voted, and almost everyone expressed doubts about lawsuit coming just days before the election.

It looks like many people aren’t buying into the last minute lawsuit attack against Doug Ford.

People have seen this game too many times before: A conservative candidate with a chance to win, all of a sudden hit by tons of last-minute scandals days before the election.

On Twitter, I posted a poll asking what people thought about the timing of the lawsuit, and the results can be seen below:

95% say the timing is “very suspicious,” 2% say the timing is “a coincidence”, while 3% say they aren’t sure.

1,179 people voted in total.

The overwhelming result shows that there is far more willingness to question the narratives people see getting pushed by the elitist media. Throughout the campaign, much of the media has shown a rampant anti-Ford bias, and the timing of this lawsuit, combined with details like Patrick Brown’s sister working for the same firm that’s suing Ford, is a big part of why the mainstream media is losing so much credibility.

And beyond all of that, it would be a massive danger to Ontario and to all of Canada if the socialist NDP were to gain power. Letting a very suspiciously timed scandal lead to a socialist victory is something that must not happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Werner

The skeptic in me is thinking it could have even been Ford who orchestrated it to gain support thru distrust in the other parties. Its a messed up world where people do anything to get power


Ron, that would be pretty risky on Ford’s part to orchestrate his own scandal because it could easily backfire by losing support. And Renata hasn’t spoken up to say she’s had nothing to do with this so we can assume the lawsuit came from her. It sure is a messed up world where people will do anything to get power….and to take power away from someone.


this won’t change my solid decision for the ford nation . it is what it is and will stay as it is . GO FORD GO !!!!

don morris

The timing is very suspicious? How about EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS ?

Conservatives are well aware of how treacherous the Left/liberals are, we just have to look down South. Our Liberals would accuse Doug Ford of collusion with Russia if they thought they could get away with it.

The real collusion is the federal Liberal party and China, Justin Trudea’s “most admired government”, but the msm would never report THAT!