WATCH: Doug Ford Responds To “Tragic” Lawsuit

“It’s heartbreaking that Renata has taken this road,” says Ford.

An emotional Doug Ford responded to the lawsuit being launched against him by Renata Ford, saying that it’s “tragic,” and that he has done everything possible to support her and her kids.

“It’s heartbreaking that Renata has taken this road,” said Ford.

Ford said the media will have to consider the issue of the motive for the lawsuit themselves, noting that it’s all being brought up just days before the election.

Many people have noted how suspicious the timing is, and it echoes other elections where reports have emerged trying to destroy conservative candidates just days before people go to the polls.

A recent Twitter poll showed a whopping 95% of people say the timing is “Very Suspicious,” and many people are no longer willing to buy into the last-minute scandal-mongering attempts.

As you can see, Ford looks sincerely saddened by the lawsuit, and many people will see this as a moment of genuine emotion from a politician that has been unfairly demonized by the elitist media and radical left.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Renata and her lawyers want to do their dirty laundry in public. Well I wonder how much she was paid for that.


Nailed it, last ditch efforts ….. Corruption knows no boundaries and if it is not stopped soon it will cripple Ontario now and Canada in 2019.


I have to ask the question no one seems to be talking about. WHY is it that Doug Ford was assigned to look after Rob’s finances after his death? Typically a husband would pass down everything to their spouse, or if no living spouse to their children. If the children are under age, then a guardian / executor would be chosen. It makes me wonder if Rob made these arrangements due to the fact Renata had addiction and/or health issues. I believe there is more than meets the eye and the timing on all of this seems like a payback… Read more »

Sandra Williston

This smells to high heaven. Wynne and Horwath are both so desperate for power and both so morally bankrupt that it would not surprise me in the least if Renata was approached by the wanna’ be coalition. The timing is too exact to be coincidental. Regardless, it is horribly cruel of Renata to deliberately torpedo her young children into a media circus again. Wynne’s and Horwath’s fake concern for Rob Ford’s children could not be more disingenuous. Black, cold hearts beat in their chests.

Ross Palermo

This is a family issue , we all have them, we all get up and go to work in the morning regardless. To me It shows they’re a typical family with typical family problems. They are us.

Valerie Clark

The people who fall for this blatant, transparent crap are nothing but SHEEP who will eat up everything the government’s propaganda machines (CBC, CTV, Global, etc.) feed them and poop out the desired result. We can only hope that people have gotten wiser and that this ludicrous stunt with backfire.