Federal Poll: More Canadians Open To Voting Conservative Than Liberal

Nanos survey shows the Trudeau Liberals have lost the advantage they once had in accessible voters.

A new Nanos Research poll shows the Conservatives now have more accessible voters than the Liberals.

It represents a big reversal for the Trudeau Liberals, who long held an advantage when it come to the number of Canadians willing to vote for them.

According to the survey, 46.3% of Canadians say they would ‘consider’ voting Conservative. That number is 44.6% for the Liberals, and 40.5% for the NDP.

The survey shows the top-line numbers tied, with the Conservatives at 34%, the Liberals at 34.1%, and the NDP at 21.2%.

Trudeau is seen as the preferred pick for PM, but just 34.3% say he’s their top choice, which are not good numbers for an incumbent PM that was once elected with nearly 40% of the vote. It’s also a downward trend for Trudeau over time.

By contrast, Andrew Scheer’s numbers have continued to show slow, but steady improvement, with 25.6% saying he’s their top choice for PM.

Jagmeet Singh is way back, with a mere 10% of Canadians picking him as the best choice for the top job.

Overall, these are good trends for Scheer. So far, we are seeing that the more Canadians watch Justin Trudeau in power the less they support him, and the longer Scheer is in the spotlight the more opinion of him improves – even if that improvement is happening at a snails pace.

Spencer Fernando

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Work hard Conservative!!! and the faster the election the better off the country will be, the damage the Lieberal/NDP are doing is becoming a huge, unseen as yet it seems, crisis.
Vote Andrew Scheer, and the Conservatives!! If you want to save Canada as a sovereign nation.


Anyone who would vote Trudeau back in needs a rude awakening. It’s one thing to be a Liberal but use common sense and recognize that he is destroying our Country and the future of our children for generations to come with his policies especially debt and open borders.


Trudeau is making the liberal party radioactive. The NDP is in worse shape. There is no reason why the conservatives shouldn’t win a big majority next year, especially if Trudeau keeps fumbling all the time.

Tommy Hawk

It can be no secret that Trudeau’s ‘popularity’ has lessened and most likely among his ‘giggle voters’ who had a big hand in him being elected. After a while, even the most adorable baby becomes — a child — a kid – a brat — and so on an so be it with Trudeau — the thrill has worn somewhat and before he is finished, I suspect it will be more worn than some might have thought at the time — such is life. Truth be known, other than ‘daddy,’ who taught him, he is the most divisive P.M. in… Read more »