FINAL EKOS POLL: Ontario PCs Have 4 Point Lead On Eve Of Election

EKOS says they are predicting a PC Majority.

The final poll by EKOS shows the Ontario PC Party with a four point lead over the NDP heading into election day.

Here are the key numbers:

PC 39.1%, NDP 35.1%, Liberals 18.9%

After the media spread news about the very suspiciously timed lawsuit against Doug Ford, his support has actually risen slightly.

EKOS says “Contrary to some speculation that various late announcements about Doug Ford (such as his sister-in-law’s lawsuit) would have a negative impact on his performance, they have had either no effect, or even the opposite effect.”

The PCs have a strong lead among men, with 47% of the vote compared to the NDP at 32%. The NDP has a narrow lead among women, with 38% of the vote to 33%.

When it comes to seat totals, EKOS projects the PCs to get between 67-75 seats, the NDP to get between 41-49 seats, the Liberals to get between 5-10 seats, and the Greens to get between 0-1 seats.

On Twitter, EKOS Pollster Frank Graves tweeted his thoughts on the numbers:

The EKOS poll is similar to recent polls by Leger, Mainstreet Research, and Ipsos, all converging around similar numbers showing the PCs with a small lead and a more efficient vote.

But, as people always say, the only poll that matters is Election Day, and we will soon find out how accurate these surveys are.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter