Ipsos says the PC lead in the crucial 905 region gives them the edge.

The final Ontario Election poll by Ipsos first reported by Global News shows the Ontario PC Party with a three point lead over the NDP. Here are the key numbers:

PCs 39%, NDP 36%, Liberals 19%

According to Ipsos, the PC lead in the 905 region gives them the edge.

In the Greater Toronto Area (905), the PCs have 45% in the 905, while the NDP are at 28% and the Liberals are at 23%.

In Toronto proper, the NDP leads with 38%, the PCs are close behind at 35%, and the Liberals have 22%.

The PCs and NDP are tied in Southwestern Ontario at 41% apiece, while the NDP leads in Eastern and Northern Ontario. In Central Ontario, the PCs lead the NDP by 15 points.

The poll also reveals a significant gender gap, with 46% of men supporting the PCs, compared to 32% of women. For the NDP, they get the support of 39% of women, but just 33% of men.

The PCs also lead among those who are most certain to vote, as they have 42% among Boomer Ontarians, compared to 29% for the NDP.

It seems the suspiciously-timed last minute ‘scandal’ against Ford didn’t turn people away from the PCs, as they actually gained a few points compared to the previous poll.

Still, it will all come down to turnout, and everyone needs to get out and vote to make sure the dangerous socialists don’t get their hands on Canada’s largest provincial economy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter