FUNDING FAIL: Canadian Military Runs Out of Sleeping Bags, Demands Soldiers Return Them

“If the Liberals can’t get sleeping bags right, how are we going to expect them to deliver fighter jets and new ships for our navy?” asks Conservative Defence Critic James Bezan.

In another sign of the chronic underfunding of the Canadian Forces, it turns out that the military has ran out of sleeping bags and rucksacks.

As a result, they are ordering soldiers who currently have sleeping bags and rucksacks to return them.

Some of the equipment was first issued in 1982.

Absurdly, the military is even asking for sleeping bag liners to be returned.

As Conservative Defence Critic James Bezan said to CTV, the government failed “to provide the forces with enough kit.”

“This to me is ridiculous. If the Liberals can’t get sleeping bags right, how are we (going to) expect them to deliver fighter jets and new ships for our navy?” added Bezan.

Bezan makes a good point. The Trudeau government made a big deal about their defence strategy, then fell over $2 billion short on investment, in addition to delaying billions worth of equipment upgrades.

Now, we find out that they can’t even provide enough basics like sleeping bags and rucksacks.

It’s embarrassing for our country, as it shows how little attention or effort the federal government puts into equipping those who are tasked with defending our nation.

The Canadian Forces, and the Canadian People, deserve far better.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Canadian taxpayers pay for our military and jihadi justin trudeau is refusing to give our money for their necessities. Instead, he keeps their money for himself and his radical friends
Where are the veterans who were quick to jump all over PMSH but haven’t the guts to do the same to jihadi justin, who by far, the worse. Even the media are very quiet but were very loud when PMSH was in gov.

shawn harris

Trudeau like father like son, both of them have an extremely strong hatred of our much loved military, covered with a thin veneer of deceitful patriotism. Justin Trudeau like his father Pierre Trudeau never served in the military, which his father avoided by hiding out in the backwoods of Quebec riding his motorcycle and wearing a german military helmet, has his father’s attitude of falsely appearing to care and support our military, but does always the opposite of whatever he promises. This latest example of the Liberals wrapping themselves up in the flag, only to be exposed as being bereft… Read more »

Wendy Lush

Is this the same military that was ordered by Trudeau to vacate their barracks so that the first 25,000 Syrian non-refugee refugees could be accommodated?

Right. So I’m guessing morale in the ranks is still pretty high. /S


Are the Conservatives watching where the supposed $180 Billion sitting in infrastructure is?? or are the Lieberal/ NDP using this for another country or more real expensive buses for Halifax or are they using it to fund getting the illegal refugees here, to nothing, as we are all about to run out of money while paying just the interest on the huge debt and the cost of paying for the new illegal refugees, immigrants??? At one point they were trying to use it for this failed infrastructure bank for the rich elites and them to get extra money, while the… Read more »

Brian O'Sullivan

Sudden influx of illegal aliens are allowed into Canada and coincidence there is a shortage of Canadian forces sleeping bags.

don morris

At least the Liberals are continuing in their fine tradition. The Liberals have short changed the military, though the Conservatives pre-Harper have nothing to brag about on this file either. Friends in the military say Canada would have difficulty fielding one regiment of ground troops, more than 20 tanks or two dozen fighter aircraft, and the RCN is undoubtedly not in much better shape. I recently read an article where the military was complaining about not getting recruits, especially women. It’s probably due to various reasons,but imo the main reason is the government’s own attitude to the military. Why take… Read more »


They definitely deserve better — they are expected to put their lives on the live at a moment’s notice and they cannot have sleeping bags with liners, nor rucksacks? This, of course, in concert with ‘daddies’ hate of the military and, since daddy brainwashed him at the age of understanding, he is doing as all Manchurian Candidates do — robotics — plain and simple — hey, I just described Justin — how about that one?

Laura Griffin

Hey!! I’ve got a good idea. Let’s give another $500 million away to another country. Besides, our military are asking for more than we can afford to give and that apparently includes sleeping bags.

Phil Alexander

Oh No! You have just given the Boy Wonder the perfect excuse to dress up like Colonel Klink and lord it over the great unwashed.


In the 1960’s Lester Pearson sent our Peace Keeping groups into the Congo dispute and didn’t have ammunition for their guns. Now 5 decades later they are reusing sleeping bags and about to send personnel and helicopters into Mali and yes, this time they are not expected to need arms even though they will be flying in and out of war zones.

Maybe it’s just something about Liberal governments that can allow them to ignore armed forces personnel and their needs.

Fitst up Jack

Is he suggesting that the soldiers are stealing sleeping bags. Because since he has not yet given any help to the disable onees it no wonder. Their sleeping on the streets in parks. They there dleeping bags. They have no where to go?

harry mayor

Lest we forget. A previous Liberal government ran out of the correct camouflage uniforms required for where the troops were sent. The uniforms did not merge with the area. Minister of Defence said…send them blankets. It was also mentioned that the anti tank rifles were so old that the eye pieces were radioactive. At another time, the war in Afghanistan was winding down..a committee was formed to discuss if the troops ‘qualified’ for combat pay. The committee also contained senior military officers. Committee decided to cancel combat pay. Prime Minister Harper lacerated the committee members and combat pay remained.

Just Some CAF Member

This is hilarious. So, in Afghanistan, they didn’t “run out” of “correct” camouflage uniforms. CADPAT had just started being procured and issued, starting with the Temperate Woodland pattern. There was no Arid Region uniforms produced yet, so the CAF went with what it had, which actually was fine, because once it gets covered in moon dust it doesn’t matter much, and Afghanistan is actually surprising pretty green in a lot of places. They did have easily available personal cam net screens in Arid Region pattern so they sent them off. We don’t have any “anti-tank rifles”, those haven’t been a… Read more »