The Radical Socialist NDP Would Do Severe Damage To Working Class & Middle Class Ontarians

The NDP is no longer a party of working people. It’s a party of far-left radical extremists.

In the Ontario Election Campaign, the Ontario NDP have tried portraying themselves as the party of working class Ontarians.

However, a look at who the NDP really is proves that they’re actually a party of radical extremists, and would do severe damage to working class and middle class Ontarians.

Throughout the campaign, the Ontario NDP has shown themselves to be a collection of radicals who insult our troops, promise gigantic tax increases, share horrendous memes, spit on Canada’s traditions, attack a police chief with racial slurs, insult the police, get arrested protesting development projects, try to shut down mines, and much more.

And that’s not even including their disturbing plan to turn Ontario into a ‘sanctuary province,’ which would devastate Ontario’s social programs, including driving healthcare wait times through the roof.

Now, the NDP claims they will pay for this by taxing the rich. Of course, the issue is that those tax increases won’t be nearly enough to cover the NDP’s plans. Additionally, it’s always easier for wealthy people and companies to move to lower-tax jurisdictions than it is for middle class or working class people to do so.

So, the revenue source the NDP is counting on wouldn’t even be there for long.

This means that the burden of paying for social services for illegal border crossers (sanctuary province) and the cost of the NDP’s huge tax increases will fall on those who are already being crushed by rising taxes and the rising cost of living.

The result will be the brutal combination of higher taxes and worse services under the NDP. That would be devastating to working class and middle class people, and that’s why the socialists are lying when they claim to support working people.

Allowing the socialists to take power would be far too big a risk, and it must be stopped.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter