VIDEO: Lots Of Doug Ford Fans At The Toronto Blue Jays Game

While the elites try to demonize Ford, things look far different on the ground.

Doug Ford recently stopped outside Rogers Centre to meet Blue Jays fans, and the response on the ground was quite different than what the corrupt establishment has been trying to create.

Ford can be seen with many fans around him, asking for photos and offering their support.

Keep in mind, this wasn’t a campaign event stacked with pre-selected supporters, it was Ford walking among the people.

Watch the video below:

The elites have tried to bring down Doug Ford with shockingly biased coverage (probably the most negatively biased coverage ever seen in Canadian political history), hyped-up scandals, and manipulative tactics.

Yet, it seems that despite their efforts to demonize Ford, he gets a good positive response from the people.

Now, it all comes down to Election Day.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter