DISGRACE: Trudeau Government Spends Tons Of Money On Illegal Border Crossers, But Doesn’t Have Enough Sleeping Bags For Our Troops

Horribly broken priorities.

The Trudeau government has spent tens of millions (which will end up being hundreds of millions or even billions when all long-term costs are added up) on illegal border crossers.

And yet, the military doesn’t have enough money to provide sleeping bags and rucksacks to our Canadian troops.

As I reported yesterday, “In another sign of the chronic underfunding of the Canadian Forces, it turns out that the military has ran out of sleeping bags and rucksacks. As a result, they are ordering soldiers who currently have sleeping bags and rucksacks to return them. Some of the equipment was first issued in 1982. Absurdly, the military is even asking for sleeping bag liners to be returned.”

This is a total disgrace.

The government can’t even give our troops the most basic equipment, and yet they can somehow afford to take tons of taxpayer dollars and spend it on those who have broken into our country illegally.

It’s a totally broken set of priorities.

At this point, it’s no wonder the military is having a tough time meeting their recruiting targets. When people see the government prioritizing illegal border crossers over the equipping of those who defend Canada, why would anyone sign up?

Again, we see that the Trudeau government has a total lack of Patriotism, as they neglect those who serve and respect our country while rewarding those who treat our national borders like a joke.

Spencer Fernando

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I would only hope that like millions of other Canadians they will vote Conservative and get these dangerous socialist foreign Lieberal/NDP gone. Remember the Conservatives can not fix everything overnight, but will be for Canadians and strong borders, and maybe soon get our military supplied and up, proudly again, we need them.


yes absolute disgrace trash of Canada . this guy is just an ignorant joke . 2019 is coming and he will be history that will be remembered due to his incompetence behaviour .

Tommy Hawk

Well, now, he is accomplishing something he has desired to do but did not have the guts to state publicly his plan.

He wants to cripple the military so that, in the event of an ‘incident,’ the military will be superseded by a ‘special military force,’ likely not Canadian — and that will be the beginning of the “U.N. force necessary to ‘maintain peace’ in Canada.

They will likely be from some very foreign country with a record of ruthlessness to maintain order and will be ‘his’ own private army.


It’s important to the Liberals to underfund the military as much as possible; they want the military to be as weak as they can get away with, to avoid any possibility of Canadian generals revolting against the Liberal/UN/jihadist coalition in the Government of Canada.