Just 135 Illegal Border Crossers Removed From Canada So Far In 2018

The Trudeau government continues to send a message that ignoring Canada’s borders has no consequences.

New info shows that just 135 illegal border crossers have been removed from Canada between January 1st and March 31st, 2018.

In that same time, the government reports over 5,000 people entered our country illegally.

According to the CP, “The government says border officials can only remove failed refugee claimants after they have exhausted all legal options available to try for refugee status, including applications to the Immigration and Refugee Board, appeals and other administrative measures.”

What this means is that the current system incentivizes illegal border crossings, because once people get their foot in the door, the government is very unlikely to remove them.

It’s a weak approach, that has been made far worse by Justin Trudeau’s irresponsible tweet ‘welcoming’ everyone.

Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel has noted that under the current government timelines, “it could be “decades” before all removals of illegal border crossers are complete.”

In the meantime, with illegal border crossings getting taxpayer-funded transport to their ‘preferred destination,’ work permits, and welfare, and it’s clear that the illegal crossings will continue unless we get a federal government that actually enforces our border and takes tough steps to discourage illegal entry into Canada.

And until that happens, Canadian taxpayers will keep paying the price.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

Damn every last Liberal for allowing this absolute criminal, BS to happen to Canada.

Tommy Hawk

Gee whiz, wow, 135 — that must have been those who crossed illegally in one hour — now, what about the others?

Well, we all know the answer to that one, eh?

Norbert Kausen

Not enough… there has to be a much larger number of illegalls… but then with that clown prince of mediocrity, Trudeau, I’m afraid that isn’t too likely!

Deneze Lujanen

Is that all ,how about the other thousands that are illegal.. send them ALL home to where they came from… ship Trudeau out too. Gitmo for him..


The first issue is no one knows how many are using phony passports or phony education papers or phony birth certificates. The second issue is why would anyone both applying to immigrate into Canada the legal honest way, when all they need do is fly into the US and take a Cab to our border. The Liberals actions on this file have just encouraged illegal entry.

Moe S.

Ralph Goodale had his spokesperson state many illegal border crossers have the right to the appeal process and until all options of staying in Canada are exhausted, they are not ‘removal ready.’ ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Here’s an idea, instead of Trudeau & Minister of Immigration Hussen giving Quebec 36 million, Ontario 11 million, and Manitoba 3 million to help with the influx of illegal border crossers, how about Trudeau & Hussen STOP throwing taxpayers money into the ALL-INCLUSIVE permanent Canadian vacation package they are offering to illegal border crossers. If you are illegally in this country using the welfare… Read more »

Moe S.

CORRECTION: It was Scott Bardsley, press secretary for Public Safety Min. Ralph Goodale
NOT Ralph Goodale’s spokesperson who made the statement about illegal border crossers not ‘removal ready.’ Toronto Sun Newspaper.