ONTARIO ELECTION: Doug Ford Wins PC Majority Government

After all the attacks from the elites and the radical leftists, Doug Ford led the Ontario PCs to a decisive victory.

The socialists have been stopped.

Wynne loses.

And Ontario will have a government that truly represents The People.

After perhaps the most biased coverage in Canadian political history, Doug Ford overcame seemingly endless attacks and attempts to demonize him and his supporters, and led the Ontario PC Party to a decisive election victory.

After just about 15 minutes from the polls closing, the PCs surpassed the 63 seat threshold needed for a majority government, taking the lead in about 70 seats.

The socialist surge sputtered and stalled, leaving the NDP stuck around 40 seats.

The Liberals collapsed, barely on the threshold of 8 seats – the amount needed for official party status.

And the Greens won their first seat, with their leader Mike Schreiner winning big in Guelph.

The election results are proof that – regardless of all the attacks from the establishment media and the elites – the populism of Ford Nation speaks to the hopes and aspirations of millions of people.

It’s a great night for Ontario and all of Canada, and the province now has the opportunity to open the doors to prosperity and success.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter