REPORT: Creston Valley Advance Article Circulating Online Refers To Justin Trudeau ‘Groping’ Young Female Reporter

“I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward,” the article quotes Trudeau as saying.

Screenshots of an article from the Creston Valley Advance newspaper’s Monday, August 14, 2000 edition are causing growing controversy online.

The article refers to Justin Trudeau apparently apologizing to a young female reporter for being “so forward.”

The Creston Valley Advance referred to it as Trudeau “groping a strange young woman…”

A photo of the story was shared online by highly-respected Liberal Strategist and political commentator Warren Kinsella:

A full photo of the editorial can be seen below:

Creston Advance Editorial Photo

While this happened many years ago, and never went anywhere in the media at the time beyond this editorial, it certainly raises questions about the image Justin Trudeau has tried constructing around himself.

As one person pointed out, “Worst part is that he was only sorry because she worked for a newspaper.”

Additionally, Trudeau has previously denied that anything like this had taken place:

As reported by Flare Magazine, Trudeau claimed that he had been careful “all my life.”

“When asked by the reporter, “As you look back into your own career, is there a chance at some point that your actions might not have been construed the way they were intended?” Trudeau responded:

“I don’t think so. I’ve been very, very careful all my life to be thoughtful, to be respectful of people’s space and people’s headspace as well.”

Despite this statement of confidence in his own actions, Trudeau said he is subject to the same zero-tolerance policy he applies to everyone else.

“The standard applies to everyone,” he said. “There is no context in which someone doesn’t have responsibility for things they’ve done in the past. This is something that I’m not new to. I’ve been working on issues around sexual assault for over 25 years. My first activism and engagement was at the sexual assault centre at McGill students’ society where I was one of the first male facilitators in their outreach program leading conversations—sometimes very difficult ones—on the issues of consent, communications, accountability, power dynamics.”’

So, if this is true, Justin Trudeau could be in some trouble by the standards he set himself.

A key issue here is one of hypocrisy. While there is no one who is perfect, Justin Trudeau has attempted – with some significant political success – to create an image of himself that is built on being the perfect ‘male feminist,’ and using that image to denigrate his political opponents and demonize the millions of Canadians who disagree with him.

By building his brand on ‘male feminism,’ and using that as a cudgel to attack others, Trudeau is far more vulnerable than others to charges of hypocrisy on this issue, and the Creston Valley Advance article is raising some very serious doubts about him among the Canadian People.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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While I’m not a great lover of Trudeau (or even a little bit), in all fairness I would like to know more about what he did that caused him to apologize for being “so forward….and inappropriately ‘handling'” the reporter and for the newspaper to call it groping. These are serious allegations that can quickly destroy a person’s character if they are untrue or exaggerated…not that Trudeau has never been complicit in his own doom.


Should Trudeau had said sorry and left it at that he might have pulled it off. However the senseless drivel about the national papers showed his true self. A sniveling two faced idiot, without the ability to teach snow boarding never mind run a country.

Ron Voss

Just like New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, whose office had taken on a high-profile role in the fight against sexual misconduct, resigned amid accusations that he was he was physically violent with four women with whom he was romantically involved, those self-confessed male ‘feminists’ are most suspect 


Denials from one who intentionally violated Parliamentary protocol and standards by jumping up from his seat to assault ssomeone who wasn’t going as fast as he demanded, and in the process intentionally smashed a female MP’s breasts with his pointy sharp elbow. Male chauvinistic prick. On the street this could have resulted in charges of assault. Where was the Sergeant at Arms who should have thrown Trudeau out of the building and arrested him?

I wonder that sometime in the future if that poor woman might discover she has serious health issues with her injured breasts?


first of all the parliamentary issue was already proven to be an exaggeration with several camera angle views available of what had actually happened including this mp speaking secretly with Mulcair and then suddenly putting her head down , clutching her body and hurrying out of parliament . The next day she was posting on facebook how she was so upset and having a hard time dealing with what had happened to her..She changed her mind when the camera views were televised. In this new story concerning The Advance reporter returns at some point and tells Ms. Bourne that Trudeau… Read more »


Yeah a typical Libtard response, it’s all Harper’s fault. The reporters accusations of sexual assault caused Trudeau to apologize for being “so forward….and inappropriately ‘handling’” the reporter and for the newspaper to call it groping. You seem to be accusing the nationally syndicated reporter and the newspaper editor of lying. It is far more likely that Trudeau who is a pathological liar is lying again, as he did before when he broke many election promises including balancing the budget by the fourth year which will never happen now that he has put Canadians at least 50 billion dollars further into… Read more »

ken wiebe

Well… if he built an image on being “a perfect feminist” then I think he has largely succeeded. Since feminism is largely hypocrisy, lies and defamatory libel; Mr. Trudeau is the quintessential “male feminist”

marc in calgary

Has anyone asked the CrestonValley Advance if they could speak with the other person involved with this incident?


Trudeau is Questionable as a feminist. Now this about his history with women.

Tommy Hawk

And just why would this come as a surprise to anyone? First, he is a male away from home and ‘feeling his oats.’

Second, he is a Liberal with the implanted mental state that he is ‘above the unwashed,’ and does not have to account to anyone.

Third, he, being a Liberal takes the wrongful assumption that because he is, everyone is.

Forth, his character needs a lot of ‘adjusting.’


Gee, a politician that lies, imagine that? You are so right about Turdeau’s sanctimonious bragging about how he is a male feminist. Some may say “but this was way back in 2000”. So what, look at how many allegations against men are currently in the news, about things that may or may not have happened decades ago. There is no way he should get a free pass on this. Rempel or Bergen should go after him, just to torment him, and see how he blames this one on Harper. I’d love to watch it happen.

Melanie Greenham

He made his comments on Jan 30/2018 on CBC The National …
Url where you can see the video >>>


And he wasn’t even on a bus. ha ha ha Your reporter has empowered a nation of women and we thank you for speaking up.


I’m not a fan on Trudeau by any stretch of the imagination, but really, this was so long ago and do we need to drag it out in the open in a desperate attempt to muddy his image? Just saying.

Keith hehn

Absolutely. He would if it were anyone else


Angrychef, so why should he get a free pass, ‘this was so long ago’? I guess you missed what happened to Brown in ontario & many in the US that was ‘long ago’. It seems many on the left & the so called ‘centrists’ have no problem with trashing anyone for near accusations but want to excuse this imbecile. He himself stated that NO ONE should be given a pass including himself but now you seem to think he should. Seeing as how he is the self proclaimed feminist & supporter, he needs to do the honorable thing & step… Read more »


So it’a okay to grope women who are not reporting for a national newspaper? The great self-proclaimed feminist has just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar – so to speak. The hypocrisy from prince selfie socks of Trudeaushire is disgusting! If he had any morals, any character or any brains he would step down NOW! Canada is sick of his crap!


One need look no further than the photo of Justin and Chretien regarding the so called joking gagging.. Now look at how many Canadian papers now have some very senior female Canadian staffers, quite a few, so are some of these senior female journalists at the Gazette in Montreal or the Citizen for example in Ottawa looking into or are not looking too hard, or maybe, possibly even ignoring good legitimate stuff into a Trudeau and a Chretien more deeply?


Canadians are lunatics with extremely poor political judgement to vote in such a corrupt evil Liberal hack over someone with a Masters in Economics.
Self inflicted injury,indeed! Ontario Economic devastation now the the entire Country!
What’s the world to think, bad news travels fast.


Don’t get me wrong he may or may not have done it 18 years ago but the timing is interesting and I personally think it possible this was found and reintroduced as a hit job on Trudeau by the Trump administration.