VIDEO: As Controversial Story Spreads, Will Trudeau’s Past Statements On Misconduct Come Back To Haunt Him?

Justin Trudeau said there was zero tolerance for misconduct – even in the past – and that those standards applied to him as well. But as the #TruGrope story spreads, will he choose hypocrisy instead?

As I reported earlier, there is a story spreading online showing an editorial in the Creston Valley Advance about Trudeau apparently ‘groping’ a young female reporter:

“Screenshots of an article from the Creston Valley Advance newspaper’s Monday, August 14, 2000 edition are causing growing controversy online. The article refers to Justin Trudeau apparently apologizing to a young female reporter for being “so forward.” The Creston Valley Advance referred to it as Trudeau “groping a strange young woman…”’

Now, in the wake of this story spreading, people are looking at Justin Trudeau’s past words about misconduct.

In the video at the end of this article, you can see Justin Trudeau talking about how “the standard applies to everyone, there is no context in which someone doesn’t have responsibility for things they’ve done in the past.”

Trudeau also said his name wouldn’t be drawn into any kind of misconduct controversy, saying “I’ve been very very careful all my life to be thoughtful and respectful of people’s space…”

Of course, the Creston Valley Advance editorial says different, and when others violated Trudeau’s stated standards he was quick to throw them under the bus, even without giving them a chance to defend themselves.

And yet, we can imagine that Trudeau won’t hold himself to that same standard.

His comments can be watched below in a video put together by Steeper33:

If this story continues to spread, Trudeau may come to regret his words.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I still cannot believe Canadians voted for this, he is way too fake, and it was very obvious he was untruthful before elected, like his father was. Let us get back to being Canadian, and real truthful, not electing some foreign dog and pony show, that hates us while destroying our country for the amusement of the globalist elite agendas.

Roger Shelswell

This should be enough to send the swine down the road and have an early election. We must rid our country of these radicle left-wing misfits for once and for all.


Personally I don’t consider what someone has done in their past to be of much consequence in their younger follies. In this case Trudeau is a grown adult who is making many many ridiculous and outrageous faux pas and still blunders on and on. I don’t care what he did before taking office I only care what he is doing at present with his insane policies, ideologies and freedom restrictions that are destroying our country as we know it. Downright evil.

Big Ben

Of course he’ll choose hypocrisy, he’s a Liberal politician. They have no moral compass.


Actions speak louder than words, I just wonder why some of the senior Tories have talked but they fail to act more convincing? Or for some it it too many skeletons, hypocrisy? When Trudeau did what he did with Brown in the House with his assault they could have acted? They could have called for and demanded an investigation of who were the supplier(s) for drugs for the Trudeaus? They could have called for action on the assault that Chretien did on Bill Clennett and that Chretien and Trudeau treated as gagging joke? Frankly fed up some, with both the… Read more »