WATCH: Premier-Designate Doug Ford Gives Victory Speech

The full speech by Doug Ford after winning a decisive majority.

Ontario Premier-Designate Doug Ford has won a decisive majority in Ontario, overcoming the corrupt elites and establishment media in order to bring change for the People.

In his victory speech in front of a huge crowd, Ford was clearly happy with the results, and reiterated his key campaign pledges.

Ford said that “the party with taxpayers dollars is over,” and the economic engine of Ontario would get going again.

Watch Ford’s full Victory Speech below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Congratulations Premier Ford.


Ford’s speech was well done and with class. Congratulations to the people of Ontario, they listened and voted, good job your province is in good hands. Looking forward to watching much needed changes.

marie neary

I am elated to have you as Premier, Mr Ford.
You have a rough road ahead with Wynne’s baggage, but we have your back, with love & support.
Rob is proud.


So happy for Doug Ford, so happy he is our new premier. I live in Andrea Horwath’s riding, and hoped that Doug would get in here as well feels like our votes for him did not count, but we tried LOL., Maybe next time!
Boy do the Conservatives have a mess to clean up, given time I think he will. Clean up the corruption, we need truthful media and the province going again.
Next the country, take our provinces back then our country, it is common sense for the masses, and boy we need to work at this.

Roger Shelswell

The world or at least Ontario is a better place this morning


Well this is a great day for Ontario,,,, but Doug is surrounded by people who if they were the leader of PC party this may not have been the victory it is today .


Yes it is a sunny day for Ontario and all Canada.
Next year we take back Alberta and then Ottawa !
Lets hope Doug makes us proud , god knows he has hell of a mess to fix.

Brian Oster

Classy nice to see an adult running govt in Canada again hopefully this will translate federally


hell yeah mr ford . and now you have one year of hard time to give to trudeau . go for it .


Spencer, thank you for facilitating the conversations and keeping us informed. If left to rely on MSM we would not have had the insights or understanding of how close Ontario was to a disasterous NDP/liberal coalition. Publishing the polls and drawing attention to the tactics of the Left Wing Star, CBC, CTV, CityTV was helpful and encouraged our social media campaign on behalf of Fordnation. Kudos! How about your perspectives on influencing a federal liberal backbench revolt with the hope of a non confidence vote next fall? I see constituency protest in every Liberal held riding pointing to the incumbent’s… Read more »