Arrogance: Trudeau Government Ignores Ontario Election Results, Plan To Impose Carbon Tax Against Will Of The People

Once again, the Trudeau government shows contempt for democracy.

The Ontario PC Party led by Doug Ford was very clear in the election: They would repeal cap-and-trade and fight against the hated carbon tax.

Doug Ford repeated it over and over and over again, and all PC candidates ran on that idea.

Knowing this, the voters of Ontario gave the PCs a massive majority government, and a clear mandate to implement their Plan For The People – including scrapping the carbon tax.

But now, instead of listening to the will of Ontario voters, the Trudeau government is arrogantly planning to impose the carbon tax anyway.

As reported by the Toronto (Red) Star – who tried taking down Ford but failed miserably – Liberal parliamentary secretary to Environment Minister Catherine McKenna Jonathan Wilkinson “told the Star the government wants to work with the incoming Ford administration on carbon pricing. But if Ford scraps Ontario’s existing system, as promised, Ottawa is prepared to impose one. “We need to move forward, and the Government of Canada intends to move forward,” Wilkinson said.”

This is the height of arrogance and contempt for democracy.

Across the country, people have turned against the carbon tax. Polls showed nearly 75% of Ontarians view the carbon tax as nothing more than a cash-grab scam. Ontarians elected a government dedicated to opposing the carbon tax.

And yet, Justin Trudeau and Catherine McKenna think they know better than everyone else, and if people don’t like their carbon tax they’ll just force it on us all anyway.

That arrogance and condescending attitude from the Trudeau government is a big part of why people are realizing that the decimation of the Ontario Liberals needs to be repeated at the federal level.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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You are so correct Spencer, we need a much much better real Canadian, Federal government.



Tommy Hawk


Kristine Bodnaruk

that Justin Trudeau doesn’t listen to anyone, his arrogance is out of control he should be tried for treason against Canada


Catherine McKenna – 26th Minister of the Environment and Crime Change “I am pleased to work with the Climate Scientists to avoid answering any questions that matter; that’s what Canadians expect of the Crime Change Minister and that is exactly what I’m doing!”


Ford will fight tooth and nail against the Carbon Tax. He will do as promised. He has promised us that there will be NO Carbon Tax in Ontario. Saskatchewan has taken the fight against the Carbon Tax, but we haven’t heard how this fight is going. I have faith in Doug Ford to do what the people want!


I’m a 100% against the Carbon Tax, Wynne didn’t Listen when we said Don’t sell Hydro One, She didn’t Listen when we said our Hydro Rates were too high, She allowed them to go up 300%+++ and then reduced it a mere 12%, lol She took the Province as a bunch of fools and we showed her!!, Trudeau if your reading this Your put on Notice, Canadian’s don’t want Canada turned into a Globalist country and Ontario does not want a Carbon tax, If you don’t listen now, come Oct 2019, You’ll be removed from power, Just like Julia Gillard… Read more »

Ed R Peebles


Ed P.

Ron Werner

They want to impose a carbon tax, I’m fine with that AS LONG AS they give me some options to reduce my fuel usage other than the idiotic suggestion of driving less. I work for a living and I have to drive to my jobs. If I dont drive I dont eat, let alone make any money to pay ANY taxes. Give me a 5500kg capacity truck that gets 100mpg or even 5L/100km. Give me a car thats gets 100mpg. It would cut my carbon foot print by over 2/3rds. But the Libs just want the money. Of course its… Read more »

old white guy

cutting your’s, or anyone’s so called carbon footprint is not now nor ever will be necessary. less government and more freedom is what is required. get rid of all the insane socialists and Canada will prosper.


Beavis Trudeau, the unelected Gerald Butthead, and Ministers Mckenergy and Moron have treated Canadians with contempt from the beginning as it pertains to the energy, enviro and finance files. Their arrgance on the carbon tax will, as Butthead likes to say, not age well with Ontario voters.

shawn harris

Trudeau says the carbon tax is to protect mother earth and to transform our economy from a carbon based economy to a new green energy economy. Well we have seen and heard this before from one of the biggest liberal liars that ever took office, Dalton McGuinty. He brought in green energy with the promise of it not costing very much and that it would also transform our provincial economy and produce 60,000 new jobs. As history has now proven beyond any doubt it was all Liberal Lies. Trudeau being the educated man, or more likely the actor he always… Read more »


trudeau is gradually facing a wall with Ontario, and will be teach what respect means . Doug Ford have 75 seats that was brought up by the citizen of Ontario and also the one not included that will eventually switch there mind and follow ford nation for the resettlement of the province . also others province that fight that tax . so trudeau , you have a good idea how your 2019 election will pass in Ontario ??? so behave and listen to the peoples voice and do what we tell you .


Better if his MPs cross the floor. 2019 will be too late the way this Prime Moron is driving the Canadian ship.


When you are putting on an act as the Liberals are doing, they have to remain in character for the entire show. Admitting they have been lying and duping Canadians all along would only spur greater contempt. So in this regard it only makes sense they are going to carry on as before. All I can say is that whoever gets elected next, if they don’t repeal every last single piece of legislation the Liberals will have passed in their 4 years in office, then I would have to conclude they were in favour of that legislation regardless if they… Read more »


It does not matter. Trudeau breaks the law all the time and he gets away with it. So Ontario Ford will not impose the carbon tax and the Turd will have to swallow it. It will be scrapped.

russ browne

Now it has been discovered that there is volcanic activity under the Arctic Ice Cap and Antarctic that is causing melting, so it is now human activity but mother earth herself that is causing the melting. Libtards take note.

Tim Griffith Pedden

The carbon Scam is nothing but a Tax Grab and Economy Destroyer , that is what that Communist/TERRORIST Party wants . FIGHT FOR CANADIANS AND STOP THE TERRORIST Liberal’s.

Aaron Cooper

I question as to the validity of a carbon tax, after the Kinder Morgan Pipeline was purchased by said party? Seems like the spoiled trust fund child thinks he can have his cake and eat it too….


Is Trudeau the Antichrist ?


Ignore him back, get him out or stop him from entering any government office. Arrest him… Is that simple enough.


Dear Ontario, As an Albertan I understand your feelings about carbon tax. However, you are the reason we have it because you gave 80 seats to the liberals in the federal election. I am enraged that this Spencer Fernando is whining about arrogance. You want to know what arrogance actually is? Arrogance is you screwing over this entire country and then complaining about it later. You finally realised what we in Alberta and Saskatchewan knew long ago? Well too bad, we’re all stuck with the crap you shovelled and I am more than happy to watch you suffer with the… Read more »

C. Sealy

Personally, I did NOT vote for Trudope. I saw him for what he really is. Don’t blame all of us in Ontario, just because others in Ontario voted Liberal. Don’t tar us all with your same brush!


NOTHING of Trudeau gov contempt to canada’s democracy can possibly happen WITHOUT THE MEDIA’S HELP. They are his police, human shield, protectors and they will do anything anything for him than they ever will for their own families from his, trudeau’s abuse to their democracy and freedoms. THAT’ HOW FAR THE MEDIA WILL GO FOR HIM.
Doug Ford is the premiere of ontario and he personally is responsible for the province. Not jihadi trudeau.


Ontario voted to impose carbon tax on the entire country in 2015, and now they want to slither their way out of it? Reap what you sow.


When the much hated Wynne brought in carbon tax, BC and Quebec already had it in place as even though many in Ontario did not like Wynne and her lieberals all the of the other people running for office all agreed with the Lieberal agenda and worse, so we finally got a real person in Doug Ford, when given his short time to prepare, had a platform that people really wanted. No Derek most except the greedy rich foreign run Lirberal/NDP wanted another tax.

Elizabeth Thorne

Liberals have 7 seats in Ontario—2019 Liberals will have O, yes O seats in Canada. It is a big mistake to forget government of, for, and by the people. ENOUGH

don morris

The CPC has finally been handed THE issue they need to defeat the Liberals next year! Canadians are waking up to the fact that climate change is all about a cash grab,though it’s taken long enough for that to happen. Scheer and company had better be prepared for the most vicious election campaign in Canadian history, as our media will attack to save their boy in such a manner as to make the U.S. media’s campaign against Trump look understated. We can also expect Leadnow and Tides to launch massive campaigns on behalf of Trudeau. It’s going to be a… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

Tell everyone you can to read about George Soros, the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood,don’t worry about being called names–I have been called a lot of terrible names–I refuse to go down to the gutter with the left loons. What about Christinaophobia in Canada?

Brian Kuzoff

When will people and rose only libertards investigate this carbon nonsense there is no danger to I.creasing co2 the danger is Dr reading it. Of course when your mental abilities are tied to snow boarding what do you expect. This is only a tax graph using fear tactics that when people do some in estoivating will be one clear to all of Canada. Stop the propaganda in s hooks and in the red media people are feed up.

C. Sealy

You never get it Trudope. Government is supposed to work FOR the people. It is NOT a license or a DICTATORSHIP to do whatever you want. Open your eyes and take a lesson in Wynne’s brutal defeat. We are FED UP with lying, scheming lowlife politicians that that think they can do whatever they want! If you keep up your tyranny, in 2019, you will go the same way as Wynne.

Glen Bailey

I still don’t understand why the PCs’ do not demand that he step down.They talk a good game but don’t seem to have any balls to do anything about it.