Canadian Economy Loses 31,000 Full-Time Jobs

Workforce participation rate falls to lowest level in almost 20 years.

More concerning economic numbers have been released.

In May, the Canadian economy lost 7,500 jobs. While part-time jobs were up 23,500, a total of 31,000 full-time jobs were lost.

Additionally, the workforce participation rate (considered by many a more accurate gauge than the unemployment rate) fell to 65.3%. That’s the fewest number of workers as percentage of the economy since October of 1998.

Further, the economy has now lost jobs in back to back months (1,100 were lost in April), the first time that’s happened since 2014.

This is just the latest in a series of concerning economic numbers, as Canada’s economy is weakened by the carbon tax, and the collapse of investment – being made even worse by the Trans Mountain debacle.

Thankfully, the economy could be set for a boost with the Ford PCs winning a majority government in Ontario. Now, we will see how pro-growth policies at the provincial level can do when burdened by the anti-growth policies of the Trudeau government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Justin trudeau has no use for canada period while donald Trump is flooding his country with jobs.
Donald Trump cares deeply for his country growth, safety and security.
When PMSH was in gov, it was always what’s best for canada wherever he went in the world. The love he had for canada was written all over his face his actions and, on his jacket.
Justin is all about ‘ me me image and nothing else.


WE need to clear out the rest of the foreign funded radical socialist agendas Lieberal/NDP dividing and destroying Canada. We need to unite and get a truthful, caring about Canada and Canadians government, no more dog and pony agendas for our amusement, that accomplishes nothing, and puts us further in huge debt and wasteful policies and laws. Unite , no further divisions, we all live here, together, we want happy fulfilling peaceful lives, with a strong Canada, protecting our people and our way of life, freedom to be, and speak politely and think for ourselves, independence but fair and law… Read more »


What we also need are ‘Real Reporters’, not activists, muzzled, one sided reporters, to actually do their real job not spin.or manipulate the news to suit their agenda (justin trudeau).

shawn harris

These employment results are what you can expect when an economy is governed through socialist ideology. And Trudeau is firmly in the grip of socialist ideology. Just compare the results between Trudeau and Harper. With Trudeau, the economy is becoming smaller, not expanding and has fewer workers seeking jobs. That says they see no hope of having meaningful employment or even mediocre full time employment. Whereas with Harper he let the market forces determine exactly what kind of economy we would have. And as a result, we had higher employment with more full time well paying jobs and a higher… Read more »

Ivan Hawkes

I’ve been hired to do a specific project in the building of a giant recreation Center in Calgary. Many of the people working on site are Mexican, Philipino, or Eastern European. Far fewer Canadians than people imported from elsewhere. The temporary work programs government has allowed is being taken advantage of by numerous companies. It’s obviously less expensive to hire someone from elsewhere in the world, because those people are willing to work cheaper. The company makes more profit and the foreign workers are able to send money home to their families. Even so, a lot of unemployed Canadian citizens… Read more »