KEEPIN’ IT CLASSY: After Losing, Anti-Poppy NDP Candidate Laura Kaminker Insults ‘Majority Of Ontario Voters’

Kaminker thinks those who voted for other parties “believed a lie and voted against their own interests.”

Laura Kaminker – the radical NDP candidate who attended ‘marxism’ training, opposed wearing the Poppy, and called Remembrance Day “collective brainwashing” – isn’t taking her election night defeat very well.

After starting out nice by thanking those who voted for her, she then insulted those who voted for other candidates.

Here’s what Kaminker said on Twitter:

“Thank you to everyone who voted, donated, volunteered, and supported @OntarioNDP. Thank you most of all to @AndreaHorwath — for your principles, your integrity, and your absolutely beautiful, positive, inspiring campaign.”

“Thank you to the 11,000+ people of who voted for me, and to and Tom Takacs. It was a great effort.”

“Those are my thanks, but no thanks to the majority of Ontario voters, who believed a lie and voted against their own interests. If wanting great public services and an equitable tax structure makes me a radical, I’ll wear those colours proudly.”


Disrespect for our Veterans and disrespect for our democracy

So, it seems that Laura Kaminker is not only opposed to honouring those who fought and died for our democracy, she’s against those who make a democratic decision she disagrees with.

After seeing her arrogant and disrespectful attitude on full display, it’s clear how lucky Ontario is that the NDP didn’t win the election.

Imagine how bad things would be if Kaminker and the other radicals had gained power…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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