KEEPIN’ IT CLASSY: After Losing, Anti-Poppy NDP Candidate Laura Kaminker Insults ‘Majority Of Ontario Voters’

Kaminker thinks those who voted for other parties “believed a lie and voted against their own interests.”

Laura Kaminker – the radical NDP candidate who attended ‘marxism’ training, opposed wearing the Poppy, and called Remembrance Day “collective brainwashing” – isn’t taking her election night defeat very well.

After starting out nice by thanking those who voted for her, she then insulted those who voted for other candidates.

Here’s what Kaminker said on Twitter:

“Thank you to everyone who voted, donated, volunteered, and supported @OntarioNDP. Thank you most of all to @AndreaHorwath — for your principles, your integrity, and your absolutely beautiful, positive, inspiring campaign.”

“Thank you to the 11,000+ people of who voted for me, and to and Tom Takacs. It was a great effort.”

“Those are my thanks, but no thanks to the majority of Ontario voters, who believed a lie and voted against their own interests. If wanting great public services and an equitable tax structure makes me a radical, I’ll wear those colours proudly.”


Disrespect for our Veterans and disrespect for our democracy

So, it seems that Laura Kaminker is not only opposed to honouring those who fought and died for our democracy, she’s against those who make a democratic decision she disagrees with.

After seeing her arrogant and disrespectful attitude on full display, it’s clear how lucky Ontario is that the NDP didn’t win the election.

Imagine how bad things would be if Kaminker and the other radicals had gained power…

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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11,000 actually voted for this?????? Ontario needs a lot of improvement.
Thank you Doug Ford, you have taken on a lot of radicalized peoplekind, I am so glad you won maybe the Lieberal/NDP foreign funded radicalized will leave our country and go where other of there peoplekind are??? so we can put the country back together and get us working again, improving Canada instead of division and anarchy with way too much debt.


Well said!

Ron Voss

Kaminker attended ‘marxism’ training’. Talk about “collective brainwashing”.


Wow – dodged another bullet from the NDP


Actually people knew exactly what they were doing, and wanted no part of her. Thank goodness common sense prevailed finally in Ontario. We left Ontario because of the mismanagement and excessive spending. Congratulations to Premeir Elect Doug Ford.


Well, thank goodness common sense finally prevailed in Ontario. The people didn’t believe any lies, they saw through Kaminker amd the NDP, and used their votes to make a positive change. Congratulations to Doug Ford and good riddance to the far and ultra far left.


The majority of voters dislike you. Goodbye to your hate and Canadian values.


Rudy, you missed the part where she is not Canadian, she’s from the United States. I agree with the assessment of her as an angry, misguided, MPP wannabe. SHE’ll never understand Canadian values.


Oh, didn’t know that. When did she get her Canadian citizenship, so she could rune for an election?

Morgan Deanna Pudsey

Voters rated her unworthy of trust and judgement. Bravo.

Bruce kiley

Good riddance you impossibly ignorant moron!

Elizabeth Thorne

Poof be gone.


Good bye Lady!! Head back to the USA and voice your opinions there if you hate Canada so much!! Get you ass off our public payroll and get a real job!!

Ian C

Maybe she came across when Trudeau opened the borders to all illegals; she’d have been able to stay in the NDP Amnesty province…

Sandra Williston

What a pompous, arrogant, ignoramus that wretched Laura Kaminker woman is. She can take her wretched self to a communist country where she rightly belongs. Communist countries have the exact kind of “utopia” that she envisioned for Ontario under the NDP. Its ready-made just waiting for her to ‘live the dream’. She can so easily live her Marxist dream in a few short hours, instead of trying to convert a democratic country to suit her warped vision. She showed her true colours before, during and after the election. Thankfully “the majority of Ontario voters” saw what an exceptionally horrid person… Read more »

Lorne Hamiton

Thank God Andrea Hogwash and her basket of wack-jobs did not gain power, that would have been the absolute end of Ontario. Doug Ford brings us hope for renewal and fiscal responsibility. Voters were not influenced by the smears and fears propagated by Wynne and Hogwash. Next victim, Boy Blunder, our gender equity obsessed Mr. Dressup.


What scares me is the even received 1 vote! In spite of a great election victory for the PC’s, I am left with much concern over the ndp getting over 30 percent of the popular. I wonder if any of their supporters have taken the time to read their platform – 1 word – SCAREY!

Tommy Hawkt

At last, I now can say I have seen and heard from a female Manchurian Candidate — and she fits the title so well — but, she only demonstrates a severe mental illness — as do so many in politics. I find it interesting that none of those people in North America who denigrate freedom of religion, freedom of speech, competition and all the hallmarks of a social, political and legal system, that is the best in the world, when the chips are down and they have all cried so loudly for their view of a ‘desired’ change, never leave… Read more »


As a son of a WWII war veteran I am apalled and sick of this woman’s disrespect. After 15 years of liberal government mismanaging of taxpayers money I am happy that Doug Ford and the PC’s are once again back in power. It’s so true that the NDP would have been a disaster if elected and thank God that didn’t happen. Businesses need to create jobs and boost the economy not big governments that tax the middle class private sector to death and support these big unions that increase spending foolishly. I’m all for government spending into health care and… Read more »

Hugh MacLean

“Imagine how bad things would be if Kaminker and the other radicals had gained power…” Yes… you’d be in Alberta!