WATCH: At G7, Trump Jokes That “Justin Has Agreed To Cut All Tariffs”

“Well Justin, it’s been pretty great” says Trump as leaders meet amid trade tensions.

US President Donald Trump got his sit down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau off to a humorous start.

During a quick sit down for the cameras at the G7 in Charlevoix, Quebec, Trump jokingly referred to the media spectacle as “the Academy Awards,” and joked that “Justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between Canada and the United States, so I’m very happy about that.”

“So I’d say NAFTA is in good shape,” replied Trudeau.

Trump’s joke lessened the tension between the two leaders, as a dispute over steel tariffs and agricultural tariffs brings new strain to the relationship between Canada and the US.

Watch the funny moment below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube