WATCH: At G7, Trump Jokes That “Justin Has Agreed To Cut All Tariffs”

“Well Justin, it’s been pretty great” says Trump as leaders meet amid trade tensions.

US President Donald Trump got his sit down with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau off to a humorous start.

During a quick sit down for the cameras at the G7 in Charlevoix, Quebec, Trump jokingly referred to the media spectacle as “the Academy Awards,” and joked that “Justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between Canada and the United States, so I’m very happy about that.”

“So I’d say NAFTA is in good shape,” replied Trudeau.

Trump’s joke lessened the tension between the two leaders, as a dispute over steel tariffs and agricultural tariffs brings new strain to the relationship between Canada and the US.

Watch the funny moment below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I could only stomach the first 14 seconds.


So, why doesn’t the little weasel have his legs crossed or squeezed together like he normally has? Could it be that he ‘thought’ that he better not as it makes him look like the ball less idiot he actually is?

Daunell Lapointe

Donald Trump keeps mentioning the relationship!! He’s doing us a favour by putting a spin in Trudeau’s plan to blame everything on Trump and make in look like the bad guy. Heard this we’ll be what Trudeau has planned for his 2019 campaign. Make Trump look like the bad guy!

D. Jerome Hauk

There are no ‘funny moments’ when it comes to Justin. There are sad moments, cringe-worthy moments, stupid moments, pathetic moments, I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face moments, but non are funny. BTW, I don’t recall ever hesring Justin laugh. Huh.


It is about time that Canada has a separate agreement with the States. Mexico with all its crimes is definitely not an equivalent economy to Canada. It makes more sense.


Why didn’t somebody ask the TURD about the groping incident ? put the swine on the ropes and keep punching!


Justin hasn’t noticed yet ‘ that busineses are leaving canada for USA and other parts of the world to get away from the Trudeau’s wild and crazy plans of restrictions, high taxes and environment lunacy. In fact, Donald Trump should thank Trudeau for sending all those jobs to USA without Trump spending a dime. Since Justin has sent businesses packing to other countries why would they want to do business with Trudeau when he has nothing to offer. Even the steel and aluminum will shut down because of Trudeau’s high taxes and other crazy ideas of his. Probably, to… Read more »

Patricia mckinstry

What??no pink socks? No legs crossed? Trying to look like a man? If I wasnt so mad at him I would be falling downn laughing. He is an embarrassment to all the wonderful Canadian people!! Eh?? Send him to Siberia or the moon!!

don morris

Just for once in his entitled fantasy life, I wish Justin Trudeau would do something truly beneficial for us ordinary Canadians, instead of always pandering to the elites. And THAT would mean ending supply side management of the poultry and dairy industries currently holding our budgets in thrall as we pay double or triple for those basic essential goods. All the BS in the world about climate change, phony tax cuts, government daycare, don’t make a damned bit of difference to our lives, except when they raise taxes or implement another tax. So how about it, Justin, how about doing… Read more »


Why is this Arrogant Jerk Sending OUR Hard Earned Money to Other Countries, when he knows that Canadians want our money spent in Canada and on Canadians?? It’s Soo Easy to act so Generous with Other Peoples’ Money. Why doesn’t he send His Own Money??

Paul George

Interesting, as of today, what might have been for Canadian Trade, if only JT could keep his mouth shut!

Amanda sidfield

Trudeau is a joke. He didnt even laugh at Trumps joke…he looked scared then he laughed only after all the reporters did. What a Moron! I’m embarrassed that the real country leaders have to deal with him.!!!