WATCH: Doug Ford’s First Interview As Premier-Designate

“Promises made, promises kept.”

After telling CityNews Toronto reporter Cynthia Mulligan that he would give an interview the day after the Election, Doug Ford kept his promise.

In his first one on one interview since his massive majority government victory, Ford discussed his excitement for the job, the great team he has to work for The People, and how his life is going to change – including not being able to drive his own vehicle anymore.

Ford said he was probably about the only person who didn’t have a drink last night, but did indulge in a rare coffee from Tim Hortons.

You can watch the interview below:

Ford triumphed despite a shockingly biased effort by the corrupt elites to demonize and denigrate him. Thankfully, millions of people saw past the lies and ensured that the socialists were defeated, while giving Ford a clear mandate to fix the mess left over after the failures of the Wynne Liberals.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

A great respectful interview by CityNews Toronto reporter Cynthia Mulligan who didn’t try to conduct a gotcha interview.


Thank you again Spencer, for another win, you are one of the few rare truthful media left in Canada that cares and you helped people see that Doug Ford would be the best person to be elected and you shone a light on what was happening so well, thank you.


Doug Ford is a real Canadian and cares about real Canadian’s. He will make an excellent premier. Its the media and the Trudeau Liberal Government that needs to go. Trudeau, you’re next.


What a despicable reporter. No respect given at all.


We must have watched different interviews.