Doug Ford’s Big Win Is A Reckoning For The Media Elites

Much of the media did everything they could to bring down Doug Ford. He won big anyway.

People can see that much of the coverage in the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election was incredibly biased against Doug Ford.

The media obsessively focused on spreading endless ‘scandals’ about the PCs, yet only reported on controversial NDP candidates after the PCs had done the original work to dig up the comments.

Doug Ford and Ford Nation were often spoken about in condescending and arrogant ways, and Ford faced endless attacks for his campaign plan, despite the fact that each promise was costed.

Meanwhile, the NDP’s huge budget mistake, and the endless lies the Wynne-Liberals said about the real size of the budget deficit, received very little coverage in comparison.

It’s fair to say that Doug Ford had to overcome not only the NDP and Liberals, but the elitist media as well.

That’s why his huge victory is such a reckoning for the elitist media.

While they will certainly try and downplay it, the media elites tried everything they could to bring him down, and they failed.

A big part of that is because on social media, and on websites like, we pushed back against the anti-Ford narrative, and helped bring some balance to what was being said.

People watched the media’s attempts to prop up the NDP and bring down Ford and rejected it, giving the PCs a big majority instead.

While the media remains powerful in many ways, we can see that the rise of social media and alternative sources of news and opinion is starting to weaken the stranglehold the media elites have on public discourse and opinion in Canada, and that’s a very good thing for our democracy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I am Happy that we have so many Intelligent Canadians who paid NO attention to the Biased CBC, CTV, all the Newspapers etc., who made Doug Ford look like a Thief, Irresponsible, a Liar etc. The best had to be the announcement of his sister-in-law suing Doug for 16 million dollars 3 days before Election Day! Wouldn’t that alone create Suspicion with any Intelligent Voter? The Public has become Much Smarter and will NOT be fooled by the Elitist Media Corruption and their “Fake” News! They should take some lessons from “ reporting!

Ron Werner

Just like the US election, the media in both US and Canada were HIGHLY biased.
When Facebook was being taken to task by the media over censoring and controlling information I was thinking “Well isnt this the pot calling the kettle black!!”
I will never trust the mainstream media again, or any media. If EVERYONE is saying the same thing I’m wondering what arent they saying.

Gordon E Surbey

I believe the honest investigative reporting provided by your Website played a significant role in communicating the truth to Ontario voters to allow them to make rational, informed choices at the polls. Many thanks Spencer!


Doug Ford should treat the media the way they treat him. They should be made to answer questions which they failed to ask the liberals for decades. When asked by reporters to explain or what his plans are on hydro or on money and so on, Doug Ford reponse should be ” let me get this straight, you want answers from me but you couldn’t ask the liberals those same questions when they were in government for sixteen years and it is now you give a dam about it. The media were accomplice to everything the liberals both provencially and… Read more »

Cor Malloy

There`s an org sponsored by George Soros that contacted 96,000 people by phone in On to try and aid NDP and knock out Ford and they are shocked by the outcome. They didn`t know that another org had people praying all over the province for a return to family values and proper values. Look who won !! Thank God !!! and Thank You, Spencer, for keeping the truth in print !!
Now we can say Mother and Father again.

shawn harris

The mainstream media has always been afraid to bite the hand that feeds them, mainly the government and large corporations. It was this way in the past as they sought to curry favour with political elites such as Pierre trudeau . Back then it was the CBC and today it is still the mouthpiece of the Liberals and socialists. But today the other mainstream media that came after the formation of the CBC, such as CTV, Global , Rogers and others; they all used to be interested in unbiased reporting that the CBC failed to deliver. Now they are all… Read more »


We have, the

Ralph Knapp

I believe the mainstream media were Ford’s best friends. They were so negative, it made folks believe Ford had something going for him. The elite media haven’t figured out that Jill and Joe Average make up their own minds.


Well look at what our socialist controlled media did to for Mr. Harper, if they had been truthful, we would still have a great intelligent Prime Minister FOR Canada, instead of this socialist foreign agenda and even bigger debt, that this ? not for Canada, propaganda media. Yes, Doug Ford said the first thing he needs to do is find out how bad the books and debt is before he can even set up a budget, any thinking observant person knows the finances in Ontario are scary, but of course this socialist media will blame the Conservatives and say they… Read more »


Well said!

Elizabeth Thorne

The new collaborators–the new oppressed–agents of influence of Islam. Intellectuals, journalists, politicians, those who consider Muslims the new oppressed.


Good job Spencer.. Always go to you for the honest, real news. Thank you.


It’s pretty sad that in 2018 the media cannot be relied on for non partisan, truthful equal, and honest reporting of the news and stop trying to control the minds of the public. The newspapers are in trouble and are after the government for support. It’s nobody’s fault but their own. The TV networks are not any better. There is no way that tax dollars should be used to support any network as all that does is make them accountable to government for fear of losing that support. The former Prime Minister had it right and should have cut the… Read more »

Daunell Lapointe


Thank you for all you do to keep Canadians so well informed!

Sandra Williston

Spencer, thank you for your balanced and unbiased reporting. It played a significant part in bringing the truth to the public, the truth that MSM deliberately hid, distorted or ignored in a calculated attempt to trick the public into voting for left wing zealots.

Tommy Hawk

There has been a long hiatus on decent media reports on anything not Liberal or NDP but perhaps the time has arrived for people to understand that the media is a controlled news outlet and must meet the requirements laid down by ‘those who pay.’ Although it quite likely was an honest occupation at one time, from my personal experiences with Canada’s media, print, radio, and TV, this has been ongoing since at least the sixties. It is heartening to see that trend being lessened, thanks largely to social media and a rising suspicion of the public as to their… Read more »


I think it had more to do with conservative and moderate voters choosing to ignore the media – or just not listening to it at all. The legacy media has told so many lies and spun up so much leftist propaganda, I don’t think level headed people are willing to give them the benefit of the doubt anymore.