Doug Ford’s Big Win Is A Reckoning For The Media Elites

Much of the media did everything they could to bring down Doug Ford. He won big anyway.

People can see that much of the coverage in the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election was incredibly biased against Doug Ford.

The media obsessively focused on spreading endless ‘scandals’ about the PCs, yet only reported on controversial NDP candidates after the PCs had done the original work to dig up the comments.

Doug Ford and Ford Nation were often spoken about in condescending and arrogant ways, and Ford faced endless attacks for his campaign plan, despite the fact that each promise was costed.

Meanwhile, the NDP’s huge budget mistake, and the endless lies the Wynne-Liberals said about the real size of the budget deficit, received very little coverage in comparison.

It’s fair to say that Doug Ford had to overcome not only the NDP and Liberals, but the elitist media as well.

That’s why his huge victory is such a reckoning for the elitist media.

While they will certainly try and downplay it, the media elites tried everything they could to bring him down, and they failed.

A big part of that is because on social media, and on websites like, we pushed back against the anti-Ford narrative, and helped bring some balance to what was being said.

People watched the media’s attempts to prop up the NDP and bring down Ford and rejected it, giving the PCs a big majority instead.

While the media remains powerful in many ways, we can see that the rise of social media and alternative sources of news and opinion is starting to weaken the stranglehold the media elites have on public discourse and opinion in Canada, and that’s a very good thing for our democracy.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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